What do you LIKE about yourself?

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What do you LIKE about yourself?

I know a lot of times we in these forums spend a lot of time analyzing what is "wrong" with us and with labelling ourselves and our habits and all the things we can't do well enough... so what are a few things you LIKE about yourself today? It can be anything. I'll start.

1. I like it that I am responsible for myself in this world - that I always have a job, and pay my bills, maintain my house, get my car serviced, etc. (and all by myself).

2. I like it that I am personable when I set my mind to it - I am pleasant to be around, and I don't make people feel uncomfortable or like they have to "measure up" to anything on a friend-to-friend level. And I'm not a wallflower like I used to be.

3. I like it that I am loyal - all my friends and family know they can count on me to be there for them when they need me.

4. I like it that I am creative - I'm really happy with all the cool things I've done to my house, and I like the way I dress and put things together in a unique way on a regular basis.

5. I like it that I am an animal lover - that makes me feel good.

Now someone else go!
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things as it is
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I like my perserverance and dilligence.

Nice thread.

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Thumbs up

Thank you for asking!

I'm a good person and like myself because....

-I am kind
-I try to treat others the way I'd like to be treated -- with respect
-I'm a good listener
-I am capable in many ways
-I love to laugh
-I do my best to help my students feel good about themselves
-I am patient
-I strive to improve myself
-I love and am loved by my son and my family
-I am environmentally friendly
-I'm a hard worker
-I appreciate many things in life: my HP, friends, animals, music, books
-I am strong

Thanks again, nice way to start the day!
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I don't like much about myself right now - but I have to say that I am very proud of myself for keeping my family, my household, my finances in order now that AH has been gone for 3.5 months. He's not contributed financially or physically in this household for the most part. So I am proud that I'm standing and not laying during one of the hardest times of my entire life.
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Gee, I had to think about this one. OK this is what I came up with.

I like that I had the guts to quit my job a month ago. My whole life revolved around my job 24/7. I was high up in the company as the state manager and I was stressed to the eyeballs. I realized my health was being affected dramatically. I kept doing this for years, security I guess and how else was I going to pay the bills. A big decision for me but I did it.
And guess what happened. I met a woman who I had met 15 months ago and now I am going to start my own company with her as my supplier. I cant wait. Funny though how other people are questioning what I did. How could you do that, leave a fantastically paid job and leap into the unknown? Well Im going to give it the best shot I can. Wish me luck.

And also I think Im a good mum, who is loving and caring.
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I like that I have finally learned that I can grow up at any age. I am more compassionate, kind, less judgement (to myself and others), and most of all I like that I still have sooo sooooo much to learn and I can't wait!
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Turning it all around
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With the challenge of sobriety under my belt, I like myself more and more with every passing moment.
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Thanks for the post.

Really having a hard time coming up with anything . . . not feeling good about myself lately. But forcing myself to complete the post because I AM NOT A BAD PERSON.

I like it that I am not a bad person.
I like it that I am a survivor (of the crap that has happened in my life.)
I like it that I am struggling to be a better person.
I like it that I am a hard worker.
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JMF I had a hard time coming up with things too. It took me a long time to think of the things I did. Now if I was asked for a list of things I don't like about myself, the list would be three times longer. I am often too critical of myself and don't forgive myself the same things I would forgive in others. I am glad I made myself do it though, because I really feel, that at this point in my life, I am literally fighting for my life, it seems too easy to just give up some days. I get tired of trying to stay strong sometimes.

Glad you did it too. The things you mentioned for you are very good things! I think any of us who have dealt with addiction in any form -- whether an addict or a loved one of one-- and come out stronger, deserve a pat on the back.

Perseverance is a very good trait to have.
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C'mon ladies! I know all of you have things you like about yourselves... it's so funny that almost every post in this thread is laced with "Well... I don't really like anything about myself right now...but..."

That's what I get for posting this in a codie-rich forum! I did this for myself, actually, because I needed to post something positive yesterday. But I still think there's more energy out there.
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I like that I find joy in simple things
I like that I really try hard to live the Golden Rule
I like my weird sense of humor and that I can laugh and act silly sometimes
I like that I am usually a quick study and I love learning
I like that I have learned how to find balance in the quiet and can still my mind

Thanks Trying - Great thread.
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I like that I can see the humor in most things
I like that I can still speak Spanish fluently after all these years
I like that my house finally feels like a home.
I like all the laugh lines on my face. Every single one of them.
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I like that I can laugh at myself.
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remember to breathe
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wow, digging deep.....

I like that I am working on getting myself stress free
I like that I am a caring person
" " my sense of humor
" " that I can step back and look "into" a situation before shooting my mouth off
I like that I am becoming a person who thinks about me occassionally.
I like when I can share my experiences to help others. (much better than blind advice)
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I like that I am sensitive to others ~
I like it that I'm a great friend to all that know me~
I like that I can decorate and entertain with the best of them~~
I like that I have learned so much here and can put it into practice
I like that I can laugh at myself and silly situations
I like this thread and learning about all of you~~~~~~~Hugs, Bonnie
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I like that I am a goofball.
I like that I am a good listener.
I like that I am optimistic most of the time.
I like that I enjoy being alone sometimes.
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I like that I still see the good before the not so good
I like that I can be a total screwball & make people laugh
I like that I love to help people feel good about themselves
I like that SR has had my back on my journey for the last couple guys rock!!!
I like that I am a huge clutz & dislexic & can sooo laugh about it.
I like my artistic side.
I like that I can go with the flow....
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Good question... hmmmm

What do I like about myself?

I am spiritual.
I am a mother to two amazing little boys.
I am attractive inside and out.
I have lots of wonderful friends.
I am able to laugh at myself.
I recognize my character defects.
I find the humor in almost everything.
People / friends can talk with me about anything and everything.
I am compassionate.
I love to LOVE!
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