Prayers please....

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Prayers please....

Just asking for some extra prayers for RAD that she can be strong and keep it together.
Her rabf seems to have gotten in some trouble, not drugs ?, and right now she has no idea what is going on.
But I've been talking to her and so far she's doing good, trying to stay out of what's not hers.
And I'm trying very hard to not be either for or against him, but boy would I love to wring his neck, if he has done anything really stupid.
Of course, school started again yesterday, she's got a heavy course load this semester, she doesn't need this s#&* right now.


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Prayers to you and your Daughter.

God Bless You Both!
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Sending prayers for your daughter and her boyfriend. And you too, Blue. Hugs, Marle
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(((Blue))) You & RAD are absolutly in my thoughts & prayers. Hoping her HP keeps her on the right path.
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prayers for you all
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Sending prayers of serenity and peace to both of you and strength for her young man.
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Thank you all
It's 3 am and she has had the police search her apt.
He is in jail.
She is numb and scared but holding up under the circumstances.
I am tired and going up later this am to give her moral support.
I want to strangle him........
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Sending prayers of peace and comfort for all of you, God's gifts are sometimes strangely wrapped but you can be sure there is a gift in there someplace.

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One the hard things about being an addict in recovery is watching our friends and loved ones relapse and screw up their lives. Often, though, it makes our own resolve to stay clean stronger. Prayers to you and your daughter.:praying
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prayers for your daughter and you!
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Hopefully she has recovery tools and knows how to use them. Meetings perhaps? A sponsor?

When things crashed in my son's world I tended to step up my attendance at meetings. It really helped to keep me grounded and in my own stuff.

Big mom hugs. I totally understand the frustration and worry.

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Some more mom hugs and prayers coming your way.

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Hugs and prayers for you all!:ghug:praying
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Hugs and prayers for you all!

Sleepy is right...when we choose recovery, watching someone we care about mess up, often makes us even MORE determined to follow the right path.

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Sending prayers :praying
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