Im Detoxing Again.

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Im Detoxing Again.

OOOHHHHHHH Im so angry! Im detoxing from the pills again. I have been really sick again with my crohns disease and kidney stones again. I have been in the hospital for the last two weeks. I have been on a pain pump and now am home on percocet pills. Ive had lythotripsy surgery friday. I am home now and feel that im not in that much pain to take the narcotic pain pills. So I have decided to give em the boot. I cant bring myself to flush them. I have a cronic disease that calls for me to use them sometimes. I just have to learn when I really need them versus when i just want them. Like now. I just want them. Im not hurtin past what simple tylenol couldnt take care of.

Right now I have the shakes, Im feeling sick to my stomach,the mood swings suck, no motivation, cramping, and a variety of other things.

So I am coming here to ask my friends for some help. I need prayers to a HP to help me get thru the next few days. I also will be calling my sponsor.
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Sending you big hugs and prayers. I know the feeling of wanting to continue the pills, even when the pain isn't that bad. You've been through a lot the past 2 weeks, so I hope you are feeling much better soon.

Good for you for calling your sponsor!

Hugs and prayers!

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I'm here for you sister.

I called you a week or so ago... Not sure if you got my messages.

Call me if you need/want too.. Thinking about you...

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Hi Gwen,
I'm sorry you've had so many health issues to deal with. I'm glad you're focused on doing 'the next right thing' and I'll be praying for you.
Keep posting and making phone calls and remember all you have been through to get where you are today.
I'm proud of you gal!
Please take gentle care of yourself.
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Call me if you need or want to talk sweetie.

You know I am here for you!

Lots of love and bunches of hugs,
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Sending Mega prayers your way that your HP helps to remove the obsession and that you will find a relief from your pain. It is good to see you here even if the circumstances suck. Hugs, Marle
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Sending you hugs and tons of prayers. You are on the right track and know what needs to be done. Your HP will be there for you, since we will be praying for you he will have no choice. Prayers work.
Hope you feel better soon, we are here if you need someone to talk to.
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sending tons of prayers for you. you can do this. you know where you have the record to the end. glad you are here because we r here for you. i am so sorry you are not well but hang in there girl you can do it. hugs,
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Sending lots of hugs and prayers Gwen. So glad you can see that now you don't need the pills but do need the support you know how to find. Thanks for reaching out.((((Gwen))))
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Hey Gwen!!! Prayers and good thoughts, I know you will make it!
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Sorry for all the pain you've been through. Stay strong and sending lots of positive energy
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Sending more hugs, prayers and positive vibes through this computer to you.

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Bless your heart, you have triumphed over so many adversities ~ and you will again. Lifting up prayers.
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Sending HUGS and saying prayers for you!
May God strengthen you and restore your health.
Hope you feel better soon!
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Hi Gwen

Somehow I missed this when you posted it on the 26th

How are you doing now? Better I pray.

Please keep in touch and visit when you can

Big Ole Mom HUGS from me,
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