update on AD

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update on AD

hello friends and friend to be!!

Life remains a roller coaster, but a little calmer. At least this misery is to be expected of a woman about to deliver. Kasey will be 90 days clean of everything--nicotine included tomorrow. She is doing well, as far as I know. Awfuly grouchy, miserable--normal for pregnancy in Texas in the 9th month. I don't think she will make it until due date. As far as labs and sono's show, baby boy is well. She is so excited and when she acts normal I feel so sorry for her! Without the chaos and BS life is "normal", or as I remember it.

Please continue prayers for Kasey, baby for their beginning and well being; me to keep my mouth shut and let the cards fall where they may! I have slipped up 3 times I think, yes I counted, but overall feel I am doing well. I have been anxious and fearful the last few days, but after meeting last night releared to let it go and pray. That is the only peace I get.

My thoughts are w/ ya'll always. I'll be back soon,
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Hi Susan. You sound right goodto me. Prayers and good wishes for you and your family. You havebeen thru so much. The rollarcoaster is a continuous ride for some. It just goes a little slower some days. But we live and learn from it and it definitly keeps us moving forward. (Backwards and upside down too!)
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Susan, thanks for the update...
I am happy to hear your news....big congratulations to Kasey on her 90 days! and to be new in recovery and 9 months pregnant in the heat of the year , no less!! my hats off to her!
yes, let go and pray....that is the only peace....we are told this over and over , but cannot know the truth of it until we are able to truly *give it up to HP*
hang in there, Susan, momhugs and prayers for you both....
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You and Kasey are always in my prayers...saying extra ones for the new addition to the family. I am VERY proud of you and Kasey!

Hugs and prayers!

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Your post brought tears to my eyes. You and she have both been thru so much and to have 'normal' grouchy stuff is just wonderful. God bless you both.
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Thanks so much for the update. You are Kasey are always in my prayers. She and Megan have about the same amount of clean time so I absolutely know what you are going through. I am keeping the duct tape handy too Sending prayers today for Kasey, you and the future grandson. Be sure to post some pics for us when the time comes. Hugs, Marle
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prayers for kasey & for you. silence is golden,duct tape is silver. you will be ok & she will too. she must be doing pretty good if she has given up smoking. that alone can make her ill. let us know when she delivers. another s.r. baby he will be. hugs,
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Prayers continuing for all of you.
And slipping up a couple times, hey you're human after all.......
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get it, give it, grow in it
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Susan this is the 1st I've heard that you are abt. to become a grandma any day now.
This is exciting news !!!
It does seem Kasey is cleaning up her act to give her baby a chance at health...good for her.

You have lots to be grateful for. I am so very happy for you.
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Congrats to all of you Susan!! I didn't realize kasey was this far along. So glad that the "normal" grouchy stuff is going on as you all prepare for this miracle. You are all in my prayers. Hugs
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Best wishes, grandma, and lots of prayers for all
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Good for all of you... How exciting this must be for everyone.

I personally like normal and grouchy ....
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yep, in the big scheme of things I'll take normal and grouchy any day!!
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When is she due or is he here yet?? Been thinkin' bout ya'll...

Always in our prayers...
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Dear Susan,
Was so glad to read your daughter is doing so well. Lots of prayers for all of you, new baby included!

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Congrats!!!! I know the 90 day feeling for your ad, me to for mine. And soon your going to be a grannie won't that be wonderful. Happiness to you all.
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I hope all is well. It sounds like you both are doing great and I pray that continues as you both battle through recovery.

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