Thanks to all of you who support me!!

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Thanks to all of you who support me!!

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who answered my post on being very depressed.....

You all are wonderful people with your own problems who reach out and try to help me as well as others.

Thank god for this forum, is all I can say because it really does help meget through tough times.

After going to my therapist yesterday, I feel somewhat better as well. We are working on me getting out there and intervening in my depression. I am going to take a continuiing ed. course at the college this fall. I am trying to make one phone call a day to a friend, and I am going to try to make weekend plans so we are not all sitting around the house on a beautful weekend again.

Maybe, just maybe if i improve other areas of my life, i will start to feel better...and as i start to feel better, maybe I will start gaining self esteem...and that in turn may lead me to do whats best for myself and children.

many thanks again to all of m supporters who reached out when i really needed it most........words alone cannot express my gratitude.
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It sounds like you have a good plan to take care of yourself! I've found that when I'm depressed, if I can MAKE myself do something that's good for me, it always helps. are worth good things in life. And if you ever have any doubt, just come here...this forum is AWESOME!

Hugs and prayers!

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