Wrote My AS A Letter

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I'm glad you have the block on the phone. Jail phone conversations
can be the worst.

I sent a letter to my son in jail listing the reasons why I would no longer do a bail out or get a lawyer. 20 years of enabling and rescuing hadn't worked so I was going to step out of the way and let him deal with the consequences. I also told him that I was mentally, physically, and financially exhausted.

He will have nothing to do but read this letter and it may
(or may not) sink in. You have nothing to lose.
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I agree that sending the letter will likely have no effect on your son. But if it makes you feel better that's always good. The disease is so selfish. I remember when he was in high school I found out that his password to get on the SAT testing site was F***YOUMOM. Lovely. You would have thought I'd have a clue then.
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Rozied, Glad you sent the letter. If you didnt you would only sit and stir about it. He may not listen but at least you are able to put your feelings on paper. ((( hugs)))))
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My heart goes out to all you Mom's who have sons in jail. Sons that are also addicted.
The aggravating part for me is my ex was a Compulsive Gambler. So I found out about addictions at a young age. I saw what my ex MIL did to my ex husband by bailing him out & I TOLD BOTH MY SONS GROWING UP IF THEY EVER GOT IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW, I WOULD NOT BAIL THEM OUT & I MEANT IT!!!
So what did my parents do the 1st time he got arrested??? Lied to me & bailed him out.
I swear if not for my parents I believe my son would have reached his bottom years ago.
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