AS is getting arrested...

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When I was on probation my probation officier would actually tell me when the "random" drug srceen would be. She once showed me her file cabinent of people she was assigned to. I believe she told me she had like 125 cases going! I behaved myself and finished the 2 year "strict" probation with flying colors. Maybe I was lucky but I think many times finishing probation is really not that difficult. IMO probation officiers are not always "out to get you." I really don't think they want to lock your son up. However, continued law breaking will perhaps change that.

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I've been on probation for more than 3 years, with 2 left to go. I SHOULD have been arrested when I relapsed, and was stopped several times, but wasn't. That was a big part of what pushed me into recovery...knowing I SHOULD have been spending the remainder of my 5 years in prison.

Since recovery, I've had no problems remaining on probation. When I had my wreck in May, I was out of state (violation) but had previously told my PO that I sometimes make deliveries for him (he's an expediter) and can't always get hold of her. My wreck, was also a violation (though not major). When I called and told her of this AFTER the fact, she said "okay, no problem". Why? Because I've kept in touch with her and I've stayed out of trouble (she doesn't know about the relapse and I'm not telling was 17 months ago and I learned my lesson).

Probation rules aren't that hard to follow. No, you're not supposed to drink. No, you're not supposed to be in areas or with people considered "high risk". No, you can't use. Yes, you have to show up for court when ordered. Actually, when you're in recovery, you're doing the right things, anyway, so probation is easy.

Hugs and prayers!

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