Let Go or Be Dragged

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Let Go or Be Dragged

Nar-Anon - Sharing Experience, Strength & Hope - August 1

Nar-Anon has many slogans. The purpose of these slogans is to remind us that we can respond differently and improve our situation as we face the problems caused by the disease of addiction. Many times my sponsor and several Nar-Anon friends have told me to let go and let God. This was not an easy concept for me to grasp. During a discussion of letting go, I was reminded of a real example of where my stubbornness and willfulness had caused me unnecessary pain and suffering.

I was learning how to water-ski and I had fallen several times. I was determined to ski and did not want to be seen as a quitter or failure, so when I fell, I hung onto the towrope trying to pull myself back upright. It should have been obvious that it could not be done, I continued to try and was dragged by the powerboat. After several failed attempts, I swam back to the boat. As I climbed into the boat, full of lake water, bruised and sore from being dragged, the spotter looked at me bewildered and said "Why didn't you let go?"

THOUGHT FOR TODAY: In some situations, I find the more I struggle, the more difficult the situation becomes. Nar-Anon has taught me that letting go is one course of action I can choose. I can let go of my problems and turn them over to a Power greated than myself. My Higher Power has the ability to solve the problems that I cannot.

"there is an art to facing difficulties in ways that lead to effective solutions and to inner peace and harmony."~ Jon Kabat-Zinn
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Beautiful analogy to be applied with everything in life. I wonder why we do tend to Hang On when we know to let Go. I think I see here more and more that people let go when they know they just have too. A hard learning process but it works. ((Thank you)))
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I love your post!
I too remember learning to ski and had the same experience.
I had a light bulb moment this week at Al Anon ( No Nar Anon by me that I know of )
I was thinking of all this Recovery Stuff as work. But now I see, I don't have to make it any harder than it has to be. Its for me and investment in me which is cool but what's even cooler is : When I Let Go, I don't have to do anything. Let it go, and things just happen the way they are suppose to - God's plan not mine. His is better anyway. I will be okay - he will provide.
What a freeing feeling!
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Thank you for posting this. You just gave me a perfect analogy for my husband and son when they have a hard time letting go, and another reminder for me.

the spotter looked at me bewildered and said "Why didn't you let go?"
A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were out on our jet skis and met up with some friends. We tied off to their boat and hung out for a while. When it was time to go my husband was straddling both jet skis while reaching forward to untie them. The jet skis started to float apart and he tried to pull them back together using leg strength. His legs are really strong but they aren't four feet long.

I finally yelled at him LET GO and FALL! and he did, but not before pulling a hamstring that is still healing. I'm pretty sure he'll understand the analogy.

I'm going to order this book!
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