RIGHT now this very minute

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RIGHT now this very minute

RIGHT now this very minute, go get your cell phone AND a piece of paper AND a pencil. Write down the important phone numbers that you keep in there.

I know of too many people who either lost their phone or dropped it in a pool (or toilet) and lost everything. I also know a few whose abusive loved one took the phone away as some form of punishment, and the other person was a bit lost without numbers. Not only was she without the important numbers, she was without a phone to make some really important and necessary calls.

This has been on my mind MANY times lately so I thought I would share it with you, and I've already done it myself.

In my case, all of my important numbers are IN that phone. Now I have a backup. In my friend's case, the one whose husband took hers? She's slowly rebuilding her list, and she has added a "trac phone" (one of the pay-as-you-go phones) to her bag of things she has stashed away in her personal safety bag in case she needs to leave again.

Thank you. This is the end of today's public service announcement.
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Thanks Cats...I'm one of those who dropped the phone in the toilet Actually, THAT one came back to life. Unfortunately, the more expensive one I got, didn't survive when I dropped it in the mop bucket at work.

I need a waterproof phone, but I'm about to update the list I had already made, since I've added a few numbers.

Hugs and prayers!

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Great reminder, Cats, cell phone numbers and computer e-mails addresses that might be lost if your computer crashes like my last one did.

I've never dropped either in a toilet, lol, but when our techno-toys die, all infomation stored on them dies with them.

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