I think my AD relapsed

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Marle I am so glad to read your second post and i know you were happy to write it. I liked what BigSis wrote above so true.
We are always being tested with this disease and no matter how hard we want, we can't really ever let our guard down, yet our lives must go on somewhat normal. And I think we all learn from eachother how hard or easy that is to do. And this board I can't say enough how GOOD this is for all of us.

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remember to breathe
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Oh marle, join the club, just when I think I can be codie free, he comes home late or runs out the door and I let my mind just go hog wild. Time to read my steps!!!!!lol
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Originally Posted by rahsue View Post
Oh marle, join the club, just when I think I can be codie free, he comes home late or runs out the door and I let my mind just go hog wild. Time to read my steps!!!!!lol
Oh yeah.....Life waiting for the other show to drop.....know it well.
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I'm so glad she's okay!!! My heart stopped when I read the heading.... how scary that can be.
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I actually said a swear word when I read your post.

Thank God, you were just over-reacting ...
But, me saying that to you ........ is like the pot calling the kettle black!

I am glad everything is working our well for Megan.

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OMG and S$$$ when I read your first post. Grinning ear to ear when I read the second post.

Good for her and good for you. She seems to be doing great and so are you.

Guess the doubts of us codies always remains. ?????

Big hugs to both you and Megan!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by marle View Post
Scotty, She is moving here at the end of the month. She will continue outpatient here and counselling and meetings as well as the suboxone. She seems committed to staying clean and going back to college in a year, so we shall see. This will be a true test of my recovery. Weekends have worked out okay but having her underfoot fulltime???? Hugs, Marle
Ah i see, well when she does move back in to your place she will have over 2 months sober which will be a great help for the transition of living with you again(it will make it easier on you as well.) Glad things have been going good while you are with her on the weekends, assuming she gets a part-time job when she moves back in that will take up some of her time (giving you a rest of not watching over her 24/7 and also helping her move on in recovery)

Sounds like she already has long-term plans on what to do when she gets clean (enrolling back into college) which is good. What year in school is she by the way?? Reason I ask is because after I got clean and had 5 Months of sobriety I enrolled in graduate school(had already got my undergrad degree) . So it seems like she is on a good pace so far to not undertake to much stress in early recovery but also setting attainable goals for herself.(its very important to take things slow in the beginning because risk of relapse is so high and once the addict relapses because of to much pressure or stress etc whatever else they were trying to rush into to get accomplished because of "missed time while using" they will end up losing that anyway after drugs come back into the picture)

I don't pray but I will wish you and your daughter much success in both of your recoveries. Keep us updated and have a great rest of the weekend marle

~~ Scotty
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She will enroll as a junior. She has all the basic classes out of the way. I go back to work in September and so she will have to entertain herself. I am going to keep a big roll of duct tape handy so if I start to butt in too much I will remember to :codiepolice I am glad that you are doing so well. I believe that Megan would be farther ahead if not for the abf that made a 6 figure income and was willing to keep her high 24/7, but I have to forgive him since he is so sick too. Hugs, Marle
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Originally Posted by marle View Post
but I have to forgive him since he is so sick too. Hugs, Marle
Marle...your compassion is an inspiration

I have been able to feel that level of compassion toward my RAS ....I have no problem forgiving any of the things he did while abusing.....I know that I need to extend that same forgiveness and compassion to are quite a role model (always have been!)

thank you
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Nature Girl
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I thought I had already posted here, but seems my mind is gone

I'm glad things worked out, and I know that when they break routine it usually isn't good news and I think most of us would have worried too.

I heard an NA speaker once at a conference, and she said that even after 25 years clean and sober, her mother still slept with her purse when she went to visit. She just laughed about it now, but as a mom I sure could relate to her mama.

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Lil, I have not quite gotten to the forgiveness yet. There is still hatred for things he did to my daughter which had nothing to do with addiction. My hatred is not an all consuming thing like it used to be. I am really trying to put the past in the past and one of the ways to do that is to forgive him. It is a process though, like all things. I have already forgiven my daughter. I absolutely know that she loves me, what she did was out of sickness and that it was NOT personal. Hugs, Marle
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Ann, I know that I will be keeping a close eye on how much money I have even though she has not stolen from us YET. And she knows that we will not fool around with that crap. (At least I hope we don't) This is the first time that she has seriously tried recovery, the first time I am dealing with a clean daughter (not just one who says she is clean) so this is all new to me. I will probably be leaning on all of you for advice in the coming months and coming here to vent often Hugs, Marle
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Well pray too!
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My thoughts are with you

I am new to this forum and have already heard enough to know this is where I need to be. Thank you.

Marle, I can relate to what you are going thru with you AD as my AS is in a half way house right now and preparing to move into his own apartment so he can start his sophmore year in college. He is 75 days clean but I worry that his going back to school will put too much pressure on him and put him in contact with influences that will send him down the wrong path. I currently moved into a 1 bedroom apt so him moving back in with me isn't an option anymore, he lives 1 1/2 hrs away from me and I can't stop myself from wanting to call him all the time to check up on him, but I am working on that as part of my codie retraining.

My prayers are with you and your daughter, thank you for making me feel like I am not alone in what seems to be an endless cycle.
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HopeandPrayer, Thank you and welcome to SR. Addiction is never easy but this forum makes it bearable. Hugs, Marle
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I'm HOME!!!!!
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I haven't been on much lately...but just thought I'd drop in today. I almost missed this fabulous news..your daughter is in recovery.

Ohhhhhhh, I'm soooooo happy for you. I so know where you are coming from. My daughter and (the boyfriend) are still living with me. We have definate ups and downs as could be expected with 4 people living under one roof. And I sure would love to give the boyfriend the boot.....but my grandson is doin soooo well with both of them. And I hafta remember that my grandson views him as his it's hard sometimes...but I gotta remind myself that just one year ago....she was still missing and we had no idea if she was alive or dead.

I was just sooooo happy to see that you have your daughter back at the moment.

Love and hugs
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