I need more advice, and help

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Unhappy I need more advice, and help

Sorry to sound all needy and desperate, but the addict, mean person, says he will be here, in a couple of days.

Tha last couple of days, I've been not answering the phone, and rejecting reverse charges calls, but today, his ex-employer dropped off his tax papers, so i sent a text to one of the mobile numbers on my phone, saying that it was here, could you please ask him where to send it. The reply was, 'i'll be there in a few days, pick it up then'.

I don't want to have to see or talk to him. He went too far, too low. I'm organising to have the lock on the back door fixed. (It's never worked)

I've felt so much stronger, knowing that he is 2000k's away. I think if I have to talk with him, I'll fall apart. I've been holding it together really well, I picked up the last of the money for my ute tonight, I can get it tomorrow. I'm working wed through to sat, the new computer is coming tomorrow, and nobody will be in the house. I don't know what sort of people he'll be with, and don't want to know, I don't want to talk to, or have anything to do with him, until he has stopped using for months - not hours. Years maybe.

I feel like it's all about to fall apart again, and he's going to come and make me feel sick. I still hang out a bit around junkies, and I hate it. I don't want to lose all my hard work - and I definently don't want to try, anymore, to get my point across. While he's using, it is pointless.

Pease help me. What do I do?
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First take a deep breath and try to stay calm. If you don't want to see him DON'T. Leave his things on the porch, with a note saying you don't want him there and don't want to speak to him. I would try to have someone there with you when you think he will come. This way you won't have to speak to him. When you have the back door lock fix if you can why don't you change the locks on the other door(s). This way you know he can't get in. If he causes a scene pick up the phone and call 911. I'm sure he would not want the police there if he is using.
Remember to take care of you, keep working on you. don't worry about sounding needy we all have been the same way. It is normal when you are dealing with an addict.
Hugs and prayers coming to you
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Good advice from Pam. Just adding some prayers. If he starts to harass you or contact against your will, please call the police. Active addcits will do anything until they find it no longer works or until they face consequences for their actions Hugs
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