AS is pulling same stuff on his dad...

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AS is pulling same stuff on his dad...

It's been a week since I kicked my AS out and he went to live with his dad. Since then he has come home to his dad's drunk a couple of times, stolen some money from his dad and his dad told him he was kicking him out. He hasn't had the heart to do it yet. Part of me feels relieved and part frustrated. I don't want him living on the street, but at the same time I don't think he will hit a turning point until it is apparent that he has no place to go.

I can't really talk to my ex at this time(long story) because of some conflicts we are having, so I guess I'll just have to let it ride. Like anything I would do would make a difference! There's the codie in me.

I'm praying right now that God is working in this situation and I'm trying to stay out of it. I have only talked to my son once or twice since he's been gone, and it makes me sad sometimes, but relieved as well. I have been trying to stay busy, helping with a church yard sale for a few days, going to movies. Sometimes though i feel a part of my heart is gone, that I can't feel.
I'm surviving though.

My AS did call today and wanted to know if we could do lunch tomorrow. So we'll see. I have offered a couple of times to give him a ride to AA, but he says he's not interested.

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that's all you can do, k. Lunch is fine, but don't be surprised if he tries to manipulate you for money or something else. My AD is very clever that way, and sometimes I don't even realize I've been had until afterwards!
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Sending prayers your way too and that you can find lots of things to keep you busy. Try to remember why you're doing this -- you know its the best thing you can do....for both of you. Big hugs for you too, Rica
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I think your doing really good here. It isn't easy but at least like you say he is with his Dad and not on the street. But be careful about lunch. Not sure if your fixing it or your going out. But if I was you I would leave all my cash in my purse in my room under something and if you go out just take one card and your driver's license so you just pay for lunch. Cause he knows Dad is mad for stealing so he might be hitting on you for bucks. Be careful but stay strong and come here.Do not enable.....for his sake as well as yours.:codiepolice
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