Am I Crazy???

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Am I Crazy???

My mom called me yesterday to tell me since I don't want them to get his clothes they won't. NOW I am the 1 who wants to get them.
Am I crazy or what???
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I don't think you're crazy. I think you're a mom who is having a hard time with your son's actions. Just remember...if you DO get them, you are making it easier for him to let you pick up the mess he's made. He's old enough to pick up his OWN mess or deal with the consequences.

Hugs and prayers!

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I know that the whole point is that this is something HE should be able to take care of himself, but it seems like it is creating such havoc in your life and your relationship with your parents. Would it be wrong to have them sent C.O.D. somewhere, just to get rid of the situation once and for all?
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Heavens, you're not crazy. Maybe you're just having a bit of sympathy for his situation right now?

Just ask yourself, is this something he could do on his own?

And, IMO, this would be a learning process for him, he may realize he needs to start doing stuff on his own, that HIS problems in life, are not YOUR problems.

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If you're crazy, then I must be off the charts somewhere lol...

I have to agree with the others. I think we all have moments when we slip back into our old thought process. Just remember that "helping" him is not helping him at all... it is just ensuring he has no reason to change once he gets out.

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I found out today from his biological father that his parole was now canceled. He has 17more months left to serve & all he can do now is apply for parole again in 3 mts but there is no guarantee he will get it.
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