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I only wish my life could be as it was for the past two weeks. We were clear across country visiting my sister and brother and their families. Young adults the age of my Chris and such great kids.....Good jobs, fun and healthy. For a bit there was I was envious but then:ghug again I saw some stress in all their lives. Not the kind we carry that death may be the end but just small bouts of worry at times. I just pray that everyone on here can get their children, spouses or parents to see the light .......before its too late. I know its up to them but it sure would be nice to live a normal, stressfree life for most of the time.....I've missed you all and am trying to catch up here. Smiles, Bonnie

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Welcome back! Hopefully you'll be able to keep some of that calm vacation serenity with you.

Isn't it funny... other people's lives can look so great from the outside. I know mine did. You never really know what's going on behind closed doors.

HUGS. Glad you're back

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Glad you were able to take the vacation and enjoy yourself. I too hope the peace and serenity of the time away stays with you for a little while anyway.
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I did talk to Chris last night and he assures me that things are fine. How is it that I just can't believe what he tells me....
Joan~~I did catch up and wanted to talk to you last night but my eyes were closing. LOL How's everything with your son?? I only wish I had realized a long time ago how much my taking care of him has hurt.(him and me)))..hugs hon and hang in there.....
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