Not Going To Do It

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Not Going To Do It

We called Wk Release today & spoke to one of the guards that knows my AS for a long time. He told us my son only listed his 88 yr old grandfather or me to pick up his clothes. He knew Jim brought them so my dad or I would not have to do the traveling, well now they can stay there cuz I am not picking them up & believe it or not my parents agreed not to go get them either.
The guard said Joey has a racket, laying around, getting 3 squares a day, watching tv while our whole family is left to pick up the pieces. He said Joey has plenty of friends in there, let him make arrangements to have 1 of them pick his clothes up. He said he has 30 days to get them.
He told me to let go so he could work out his problems for himself. Thats exacetly what I am going to do.
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grateful rca
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hi rosied, sorry to hear about your situation but glad to hear that you are doing what you need to do for yourself, seems like your parents are finally getting the pic and thats a good thing. i''m praying for all of you guys, praying that he finally come to his end and make the decision to follow through on his road to recovery.
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Good for you rozied! hang in there!
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Thanks guys, I am so past worying.
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Originally Posted by rozied View Post
Thanks guys, I am so past worying.
Rozied, it is almost a relief to just hit the "enough" point and let them work it all out themselves. I am so glad that your folks are finally reaching that point too, it's just easier when everyone is on the same page.

Sending big hugs, because your recovery and growth is an inspiration to everyone, including me.
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Letting go seems to be the hardest thing to do for some of us but the best thing for them. I agree it would all be better if everyone was on the same page. They seem to get what they want no matter what when they want it. Your son will too and this time you won't enable him! And you will be stronger for it.
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I'm glad you spoke with a guard and he told you what he did. I'm sure you are finally relieved to have your parents say enough. I know they would do things you wouldn't. Praying that your son finally gets it NOW.
Hugs coming to you and your family
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Funny when we hear things we know from someone we wouldn't expect it from. Sounds like the guard has been in recovery!
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Good for you!
I really hope your parents keep their resolve too. It's hard sometimes not to give in when we get those "I feel sorry" for them, feelings.

I never picked up my sons clothes, they were always shipped to our home, (without my permission) and would appear magically on the front porch.

Here's a funny note. We were cleaning our attic the other day, and donchaknow a box of his clothes was up there, with our address marked on them. He never came here to get them. They now BACK on the front porch and being donated to a charity.

THEY may turn back up at the Salvation Army, and my son may end up buying back his own clothes. How funny is that?

Hugs, and serenity...
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((rozied)), You are doing the right thing for him and you...hang in will get easier and easier to live your own life and let him live his. Thats the way its supposed to be. Good Job!!!
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Way to go!!! I am do glad that guard was able to clear things up. Makes it easier to detach when we realize that they are not helpless, doesn't it?
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Wow Thanks Guys, It never ceases to amaze me how great this group is. He is in the hands of his HP & from now on he is going to stay there.

Diane That is too, too funny. Imagine buying your own stuff back from the SA.
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Hi rozied,

Just wanted to say how nice it is, to read of others coming into a strong sense of detachment, and 'over it ness'.

You sound so resigned, which in this case, is a good thing.
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Well done Rozied!! Sounds like the guard knows a little program too!
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