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Need Help

I have been reading posts for awhile and it really helps! Two years ago my daughter married a crack addict. Need I say more. At the time they got together he was clean. She knew he had problems because she had been attracted to him when she was younger. But his lifestyle kept her from becoming involved with him at that time. She, nor I, had no idea what a crack addicts behavior is like. My husband and I have tried to help. We went as far as to pay for rehab a year or so ago. For awhile after his relapse he held it together somewhat. Meaning, only taking off once every couple a weeks or so later in the evening. Coming home later at night. Which brings me to the reason I need help. My daughter has 2 children. One 2 year old that they have together and a 10 year old that she shares 50/50 custody with the father. Because my grand daughter is at her dads half the time and my son inlaw was somewhat under control there has been limited dialogue about his addiction. Now things have really gone down hill and my daughter needs to address whats going on in the house with my grand daughter. We don't know what or how much to tell her. If anyone knows of any good literature or plain old good advice I would appreciate it. Sorry this got so long. I have a gift for rambling.

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Welcome kas to our SR family,
Hate that the disease has touched your family, but glad you are reaching out for help.

I know what has helped me in dealing with the alcoholics and addicts in my family is Al-Anon and Nar-Anon literature. Also attending meetings and posting here on SR.

There is great help here for all the family - not only your daughter, but you may also benefit from some of those resources if you are interested.

Prayers and good thoughts for you and your family,
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welcome to sr, glad you found us but hate the circumstances. he's blessed to have you as ils, you paying for his stay in rehab a good thing but sadly its up to him to see that. maybe you guys can trying to explain in a childlike manner that he is in a hospital seeking help, at 10, she may already recognize a change in his behavior. i'm praying for all of you.
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If she attends an Alateen meeting, they have free literature there for her.

Here's a couple of pamphlets they carry, or you could order them online:

Alateen--a day at a time

Courage to Be Me--Living with Alcoholism

and many more.
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