OT Dakota's US/Xray Results

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OT Dakota's US/Xray Results

Thank you for all your prayers!!!!

She is NED (no evidence of disease)

Praise God!!!!!!!!

Now I can breath lol

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grateful rca
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oh, what good news. now i can breathe too. still keeping her and the rest of you in my prayers
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((((Passion)))) ((((dakota))))
So very happy that the news continues to be wonderful...Sharing tears of joy for you.
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Just plainly tired
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passion fanatastic news!!!!
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I just let out the biggest sigh of relief - but I know it was not as big as yours!!!

What a wonderful blessing for you & your family!!
Thanks for sharing with us!!

Congratulations to you & Dakota.

Way to go HP!!!! Thanks for taking care of Dakota & Passion!!!!

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God is GOOD!!!

I am so happy that you have the weight of that worry off of you (until the next go round).

Oh Sher - I truly am happy for Cody and YOU. She can't fully understand the impact of such good news except that she won't have to get stuck anymore. Time heals and children are resiliant - too bad us mom's don't bounce back as quickly.

I hope you give her hugs from all of us here at SR who constantly think of her and include her in our prayers!

Good News!!! Thank you!!

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I am so happy to hear the news. Keeping you & Dakota in my prayers.
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AWESOME! Hallelujah! I am so glad that you are able to take a great big breath!

Thanks for sharing.
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I'm so happy that the news is wonderful. You all deserve this wonderful news. Enjoy the great news.
Keeping the prayers coming for continue good health.
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Oh That is wonderful news to hear. I know your so elated for your daughter. Continue to pray for you all. (((hugs)))
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If anyone deserves such wonderful news, you do!!! I'm so happy she's doing so well
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Okay this guys suppose to be doing a happy dance!
If he's not....use your imagination!

(Happy for you, & Dakota!)
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YEAH! Thanks for the great news! Keeping you both in my prayers!

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Hi Passion, It's so nice to read something so uplifting on here. I haven't been around for your whole story but have kept up with some of it. Big hugs for your daughter and you. Now go and enjoy the summer~~~you have alot to be thankful for! Smiles, Bonnie
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Sorry I'm late, but SOOOOO glad for the NED!

Hugs and prayers!

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