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Smile Im sneakin a peak at ya!

Howdy! Dontcha know it? Its me! Yep and heelo everyone! Man I cant type everything in one sitting on how good everything is turning out to be! I just cant believe it. I have a job but am on lay off right now but I will be going back. I did decide to give Paul a good chance and am living back with him. I had moved out and got on with my life showing him just how independant I could be if I wanted. He made some drastic changes I can tell you! WOW. Things have just been getting better and better. For me, for the kids and US as a family. I have always been envious of other peoples lives when their family is a functioning unit. Well I can say Im on the road to getting that too! I think the main thing I have thats the most important to me is happyness and security. Oh and respect too. Just the other day I was laying in bed and he rolled over and woke me up. He shook me awake and told me that he loves me. For no other reason but to make sure I knew it. Now how nice was that. It may be a common occurence for other families but not for us. He just shows me now as well as says it. And I know it too.

Kids are doing reallu good too. Both my girls are in softball and the boy is just my happy little sidekick in everything.

You know I have spent so much time envying everyone else, but now I got something I can be really proud of and not envy everyone else.

Like Patty said in another thread about if we want something bad enough...... All I can say Patty is "INDEED"!

Things have been pretty busy lately but I promise to peek in and say hello. Im always here undercover reading on the sly but its been awhile. So Im gonna go take a look around and say hi to some friends and see if I can make any new friends!
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oh Gwen - I was thinking about you last week - said prayers that you and your family were doing well!!

So great to hear how recovery is growing and doing well in your family!!

Keep taking care of you and those precious wonderful little ones - you have no idea how your story keeps encouraging me & giving me faith that someday, sometime my daughter will be able to find her own road to recovery too.

Wishing you continued Serenity & Joy,
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hey gwen marie,

its nice to hear things are going well for you
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Gwen Marie -

Thanks for letting us know that good things are happening. That life does go on - and that it can be good.

Love in recovery,
Jody Hepler
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GWEN!!!!! So happy that you decided to pop in. I have wondered how you have been and so happy to hear such positive news. Prayers for continuing happiness for you and your family. Hugs, Marle
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the girl can't help it
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Stay strong!
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That's all good news Gwen, I'm so happy for you and your family.

Life is good for you today, you deserve the turn of the tides.

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(((((Gwen))))) I'm happy to see you and so glad all is going well for you and your family. You sound happy and that is a wonderful thing! Don't be a stranger, okay? Hugs
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Hi Gwen!
Thanks for the update and I'm so happy that you are all doing so well!
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GwenMarie -

Happy to hear from you and to know that things are going so well. Nothing changes if nothing changes and you made the changes! I know the kids are picking up on the happiness. Keep peaking in whenever you can. You are able to share an awesome message of experience, hope, and strength.

Take good care!
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Hi Gwen. I was just thinking about you the other day, too! Glad to hear things are going so good for you. You deserve it!
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Glad you are doing so well. I wondered about you many times, prayed for you even more.
my best,
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Just plainly tired
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Hey Gwen!! Such great news thank you for the update!! You deserve all the happiness you have and more to come!

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Dang, Gwen... I've been off the boards a lot - but you are sure sounding good! Last I was here, you had a jail sentence in FRONT of you... and now that is BEHIND you!! Wonderful, wonderful.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. ((hugs))
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Thanks so much! I really miss all of you. I have been reading around and seeing some amazing recovery stories! Wow! I thought I might post a brief run down of who I am and what has been going on so those who dont know me can see why I am so happy today.

I am a 33 year old mom with 3 kids. I live with my bf Paul of 12 years. I am an addict of meth and narcotic pills. I have been clean since Nov 15 2005. I went to rehab as outpatient in dec 2005 and inpatient in feb 2006. I cleaned up as far as drugs went but still had many dues to pay to clean up the wreckage of my drug using. I lied and stole more than just material things from my kids, Paul, and my family. I also had several driving while revoked charges that led to felony DRW. I spent 4 months in a womens prison in the rehab center in July 07 to Nov 07. I came home to find that my bf had moved on with his life with lies and deceptions of his own. He has been the one there to help me get clean or get out. In a way he has been hard but has genuinely cared. Tough love I guess? We have had many problems over the years and have finally been getting on track. Our kids are growing up better now that we as parents are getting it together.There has been problems in our past and I think we are finally finding a way to put it in the past to stay. We are moving a step forward every day. Some days its by leaps and bounds. I also finally got a job! Thats right folks a J O B! I have been there for 6 months now. Its the longest time Ive held a job since I dont know when. I do have a sponsor. I still do attend meetings when I can. I just completed an aftercare program once again for my probation. My probation officer is just simply excstatic over my progress and over all well being. She says I am really shining (her words). And just maybe I am. I feel like im glowing inside out!

Ohh! And another little tidbit. I added a new member to out happy little family! Are you ready for this one???????????????

LOL I got a DOG! She is a Carine Terrier. She is blonde with a black face. She is such a baby. For those of you who dont know what a Carine Terrrier is well I know you have seen the Wizard Of Oz. She is a Toto dog! Except she is blonde instead of gray. HAHA she is the funniest thing. Good addition if I say so myself. Paul dont agree with that but hey........We manage. What was ya'll thinking?
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Hey GM, welcome back! It's good to see you on SR again and congrats on that new dog!

OK, I'll slink back over to the alcoholism forums now, just wanted to say hello!
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