Happy Birthday Japic05

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Happy Birthday Japic05


I hope your day is extra EXTRA special. I can't believe I almost let it slip past me~~~


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hey Rita hope you're having a wonderful birthday!

The best one ever!

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Rita, Happy Birthday to you. I hope that you have a great day. Hugs, Marle2
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3 ---- pretend its a peanutbutter cake

7 ----may all your birthday wishes come true!!!
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And a big THANK YOU for being supportive and helpful!!!

Hugs and prayers!

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Happy Birthday to you.

Enjoy your day!!!

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Happy Birthday, Rita! I saw your picture on another thread, and you don't even look 30 to me, girl. Wow!
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Japic, I hope your birthday was a special day for you!!!

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May all your birthday wishes, hopes & dreams come true!

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Happy Birthday Rita! Hope it was a wonderful day!!8
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Happy birthday, Rita -- you're the best!!
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awww - ya'll make me blush

thanks so much for the birthday wishes - especially the peanut butter cake!!! yummy!!

it has been a wonderfully blessed day - with lots of calls from my recovery family, my family of origin and a sense of contentment and peace within myself from my HP.

thank you to my SR recovery family for helping me over this last year - it has been a difficult year for me - I can't say that I am grateful for the difficulties I have gone thru, but I can say that I am grateful for the spiritual and recovery growth that I have acquired thru this Journey.

Life is good and I am grateful to be 44 yrs old and learning to Live Happy, Joyous and Free - One Day At A Time.

May each of you have the same blessing on each and every day of your life

and of course a piece of bday cake every now and then helps too!!!!!!!

love & HUGS (hope,unity, gratitude and serenity)
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Happy Birthday Rita! Sorry coming in a little late here but I wanted to get my best wishes in for you.

Is that your picture on your avatar? If so, you don't look a day over 30. I mean it, you are very pretty.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.................Lo
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I'm late (worked 14 hours yesterday) but the wish is sincere....Happy Birthday Rita

May this year be as special as you are and may all your Birthday Wishes come true.

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Happy Birthday, Japic! Hope your day was extra special, like you are! Thanks for being such a support and encouragement here.

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and many, many more!!!

love ya,
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