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To my R !!!!!! AD


One year clean today!!!!!!

Now I can officially say she's an R !!! This is way better than a birthday!!!!
Of course the R is my time limit, not hers. But I couldn't be prouder. I feel that we all need something to celebrate once in a while. What better thing to celebrate, than a one year anniversary.

She has moved into her own apartment near school and her job and she and her abf (who will have a year on Saturday) will soon be announcing their engagement.
It's been a long hard road but there is hope that they finally get it !!!!
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Thats great! Im so happy for you and your family!
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Just plainly tired
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Thats great news thanks for sharing.

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wow -

what a great story. I am really happy for you, your daughter and her RABF! That is great news. Thanks for sharing this story of hope.
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That is wonderful news. I am so happy for you and your daughter. Something we all look forward to yelling out sooner or later. KUDOS to you ALL.:bounce
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Great news - thanks for sharing it - 365 days and 10,000 nights - that's huge!

Love in recovery,
Jody Hepler

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remember to breathe
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I'm so happy for you and her.
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That's wonderful news!
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That is so wonderful for the whole family. I'm so happy for you. Sounds like there is alot to be thankful for in your family today....Smiles, Bonnie
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Congratulations to your daughter and her bf! Prayers for ongoing serenity and all the happiness you all can handle
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Congratulations and thanks for sharing your wonderful news. Hugs, Marle
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I am sooo happy for all of you! :ghug3 It is so amazing to see their new lives unfold.
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What a wonderful story! I like to think that most people with addictions want to be clean... your daughter seems to have made it far enough that she's seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Congratulations to your family, great news!!!
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That is FANTASTIC news!!!

Hugs and prayers!

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I just LOVE hearing the good news on SR!!
Thanks so much for posting this. Hats off to her and I pray it continues. One year is HUGE and shoud be celebrated! Doing the happy dance again here on SR!!

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That's wonderful! Congrats to your daughter!!! And congrats to you for all the loving support and for stepping back and letting them find their way!
So does her move mean you have your house daughter and no daughter's abf in residence? If so, enjoy the serenity!
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BLUE PANSY- How WonderFul, fantastic and terrific.
It sure seems like your gal is on her way !!
She is now the person she was always meant to be, maybe only better.

You have every reason to be proud. I celebrate your happiness and the journey that brought you to this day.
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Blue Pansy,

That is really wonderful.
Good for her... Good for him...Good for You.

I am doing the happy dance.
Thanks for sharing the good news

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Thanks for all the prayers, good wishes and the many rolls of duct tape that I have used just trying to survive with a small part of my sanity intact.

Maybe this post will help anyone who is struggling with wondering if there is any hope for their addict. There is but only when they decide that they are totally done with it all.

When my daughter finally decided that she could not continue, she made up her mind and started running the other way as fast as she could. This is not to say that it was easy, it wasn't. There were many bumps along the way for both of us. Even now there are a lot of times that I really don't like her, sober or not. But I stay out of her way cause it's her way, not mine.

And I do have the house back or as back as it can be with 4 crazy cats and one very spazzy dog, all who feel that my purpose in life is to serve pet food on little golden platters, go for walks and admire the fur that they are shedding all over the house....
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Good for both of you!! Thank you for sharing your good news!
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