Floods And Devastation In Wisconsin

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Floods And Devastation In Wisconsin

Rcvd. an email from my daughter in Wisconsin. They are sandbagging and near the Rock River is devasting. Her farm in Monroe is Ok but the other farms are lost, completely flooded. She had just leased a historic bldg. to open a large store, it never had its grand opening and now the walls are about to collapse and the river is still rising. A couple of prayers would be appreciated for all of the people in Wisconsin and the rest of the states with storms. We survived our storms in Ar. but the farmers are just now thinking about planting.

Thanks all!!!! Guess I will go have a good cry and write AH in prison.
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Sending prayers for everyone affected by these floods. The pictures look just horrible, so I know the reality is ten times worse.
Let your daughter know that prayers are going up for her and others>
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Don't cry, momma. I'll pray with you
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I'm praying with you too, that the people be kept safe through these devastating storms.

Hugs and Lotsa Prayers
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Prayers from Iowa. We've been hit pretty hard too and it's not over yet.

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Adding my prayers too, for safety of those in the path of these storms.
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Prayers for everyone in the path of the floods.
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Sending prayers their way. We had tornado warnings today which is very unusual for us. No tornado but we did get dime sized hail that totally covered the ground along with a great deal of rain and wind. Lots of debris around the city. Hugs, Marle
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I have been praying for everyone in that zone, so awful.
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Prayers from Buffalo....this has been so devastating for so many people lately.
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Hugs and prayers from Atlanta. My cousins live in Milwaukee, and are okay, but water is in everyone's basement.

Hugs and prayers!

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So sorry to hear about your daughter's dilemma. I used to live in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and its God's Country for sure. She will be in my prayers as will the rest of the State. Being in S. Florida where we in the last few years went thru horrible hurricanes, believe me, there will be recovery, she will start anew and God will help. In the darkest of valley's there is light, just sometimes its so dark its hard to see until later.

Blessings to you and yours.
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prayers coming from Louisiana -


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Our local news in Iowa is talking about the destruction, the immediate relief efforts but also the boom to the economy in the coming months as all these places will clean up and rebuild!

Another silver lining in the clouds.

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Heard from daughter, historic building she leased is still standing so far. River to crest today and no rain until the weekend. Been watching Iowa, even my 105 yr. old gram says she has never seen anything like it. It is just horrible for all these people, but they will rebuild somehow. Where daughter is-a large portion of the flooded areas were not in a flood plane and no flood insurance. Saw somewhere where people were stealing sandbags-they should be thrown in jail.

Still flooding 18 miles from here-farmers have given up and are all fishing. They have managed to get their sense of humor back.

Prayers for everyone in the flood areas.

Oh, we in a dry county-only liqour store sits right next to the river-hehe-a good thing!!!!!
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My prayers go out to everyone that has been affected by this weather.

We have a mobile home (used during the summer) on the Rock River in Wisconsin and a pontoon boat docked at the marina also on the River. So, I have seen the damage to the southern part of Wisconsin. Sad, but I hear it is worse in Iowa....

I was upset last month, when we opened up the summer home to find some water damage. This was easily repaired with insurance money, because the water damage was actually caused by the wind riping off some shingles on the roof
(go figure - Thank God for insurance)

I am ashamed of myself when I think of how upset I was when I saw the damage... oh... poor me.... Such a little WINER I was!

Well, Realilty Check
This was just a vacation home, and a stupid boat....
not my only home and only means of transportation.

My prayers and heart goes out to all.
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