his old self is shining through

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remember to breathe
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his old self is shining through

Sometimes I just wonder when I will see my old son back.....
well the little rat is back today.
My RAS is doing very well in his recovery and he showed it to my poor(older) sons fiancee.
We came home from a football game tonight (arena) and she went to get a glass of water, my RAS had rigged the sprayer with scotch tape and leaned a frying pans handle against it so when the water was turned on she got sprayed right in the face, and while complaining on the way to the powder room she sat down and we hear her scream "that son of a b---h I'm gonna kill him" here he has put seran wrap under the seat so she pee'd on it and it went all over.
this happend over 4 hours ago and I can't stop laughing.
RAS has been a clown since the day he was born so I guess he's really making his way back now!!!!

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What a prankster! Hahaha!
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I'm glad he is coming back. It must me nice to see who he use to be back.
Thanks for the smile today.
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what a hoot!
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That's too funny! I'm glad to see the "old" him is still there

Hugs and prayers!

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That is too funny!
I bet you loved every minute of it - your little prankster...

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Glad that he is returning to his old self although I am not sure your son's fiancee feels the same Hugs, Marle
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I have to say that brought tears to my eyes... I love that feeling when you could just see them coming back!!!

I gotta say I never heard of someone putting saran wrap on the toliet seat, LMAO thats too funny!!!

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We used to put vaseline on the toilet seat AND saran wrap underneath it. Our victim? Our grandmother! She was about 70 at the time - and used to drink quite a bit when she would visit. She would get up through the night to use the bathroom and slide right off the seat! Finally got back on and would pee on the saran wrap.
Thanks for the memories - I haven't thought of that in years.
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That is a wonderful thing to hear. It makes me a little teary - as I know exactly what you mean. Just seeing that little spark return, those qualities we loved in our children as they manifest themselves again - it's like a special gift to us. To them, actually...
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We take humor and pride where ever we can find it.
Glad you are able to be with your son in positive circumstances.
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remember to breathe
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oh and it keeps on ticking, tonight nat (fiancee) is planning on putting fishing line in his bedroom doorway so he gets meshed when he walks in. We'll see what happens!! I think I'll stay out of it so I am not a victim. lol
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that is so funny, i would have never thought of such. i am glad to see your son is making everyone one laugh. that is such a good thing. hugs,
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