Tornadoes and flooding

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Tornadoes and flooding

I'm in Iowa. They just broke in with news that a tornado hit a boy scout camp in Little Sioux in western Iowa- as many as 40 injuries and at least 4 fatalities. Please say a prayer for all involved... and special prayers for the parents of boys at the camp. How frightening to not know if your child was one of the injured - or worse.

The entire state is flooding... more rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes on the way. The flooding is horrible in parts of the state. They say it will be worse than the big bad floods of 1993. My old sturdy house is at the top of a hill so the structure will be fine. The cute little downtown area about a half mile south of me is called Valley Junction. In 1993 most of the businesses were lost, ($2 billion in damage as I recall) and they show film clips from 1993 of people traveling that area by canoe to get to their businesses. Many parts of town are already struggling with water in basements and some businesses are moving merchandise to higher ground. a few neighborhoods are completely under water. After the 1993 floods, the cities built some new levees and installed some flood gates, but one never knows if/how those things work until put to the test. Downtown Des Moines has a series of bridges and I believe all of them are closed with water lapping at the edges. It rained today and much of the area is getting more rain with no relief in sight.

There was a rumor that the water works would close down like it did in 1993, so there was a mini panic and people cleared out most of the bottled water in big stores. It's all anyone talks about ~ if you were here in 1993 etc etc.

My son and I have both put our names on the advance volunteer network for sandbagging, rescue, whatever. My spanish may come in handy to help out- who knows.

Say a prayer for those people who are losing their homes and their beloved pictures and memories inside. If you want a lesson in powerlessness, just stand by the river and watch it rise....
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Prayers for those who lost their lives and those injured and prayers for their families. I heard on the news that they are saying that this could be a 200 year flood. I hope that is not so. It is so sad with all the other things happening. Hugs, Marle
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Sending prayers for all involved. Please be careful when you go to help out!
I hope the storms will stop soon and give you guys a break.
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My prayers go out, Cats, for those boys and their families and for all who are in danger tonight.

Please keep yourself safe.

I hope this weather stops soon and everything can settle once more.

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I just saw this news on the internet, Cats. Prayers for the boys and for Iowa.
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WE also saw that news on CNN tonight. My prayers are with the campers and families and I'm glad your safe. Volunteering to help is one way of thanking your HP that your not in harms way but be careful. HUgs, Bonnie
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Awww Cats, that is such disturbing news. Those precious boys and families. Please be careful out there.....I commend you for volunteering.

Prayers for all involved.............Lo
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Definitely sending prayers!

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Sending prayers for those boys and their families and all others affected. It was heartbreaking to watch on the news, I pray for no more tornadoes and for the water to recede.

Be careful!!
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(((Cats))) - sending huge hugs and prayers. My aunt used to live in Des Moines, most of my family lives in southern MN (Austin, Rochester), so I have been watching the news closely.

We had a big flood in '93 where I used to live and our water treatment plant was flooded! I remember having no water for 18 days and a town that was devastated.

Stay safe and I'm glad you and your son are able to help. BTW...I knew you lived in Iowa, so was already praying to keep you safe

Hugs and prayers!

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Sending prayers out to everyone.
God Bless the Children.

This weather this year has just been devastating. My heart breaks for those families that have been affected by the flooded waters in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana....
To the tornadoes in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri .... just to name of few.

I am a big fan of Country Music...
There is a song out right now by Brooks and Dunn called , "God Must Be Busy".

I think God is very busy right now.

Cats, volunteering is such a wonderful way to help.
I am very proud of you and your son.

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Prayers for sunshine, and prayers for all those who are being affected by the flood waters.

And prayers for the Boy Scouts, and their families who have lost their family members...

Be careful Cats, you, and that precious son of yours....
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Please keep checking in and letting us know you're okay.
I heard the levy gave....

Hugs, stay safe, sweetie....
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Still OK here. Most of the immediate danger and devastation is in Eastern Iowa about 100miles from here.

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After spending a couple days with out lights and running water after one huge thunderstorm went through here and maybe a tornado elsewhere in the county, someone asked me today if I had heard about the Boy Scouts and the flooding taking place in the Midwest. I hadn't, so tonight before I cleaned up the disaster that no water for a few days can make, I watched the news.
Let me tell you, just throwing out the contents of your fridge and freezer is nothing compared to what others have to deal with, the loss of life and everything you own.
It put my little trivial problems into perspective very quickly
Prayers for all those affected, especially for the parents of those boys
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