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Talking Mornin & hello! OT

My daughter slept here last night b/c she has a fever & sore throat & no air conditioning in her 2nd floor appartment. So she came here to get some rest & stay cool. She was sleeping on the couch & came & woke me up at 5 am saying "mom Kodi (our dog) has something wrong he is making a funny noise." So I come downstairs hop over the dog gate we keep in the kitchen & the dog is laying on his bed with a funny look on his face. One of my cats is on the counter where he waits to get fed, making a howling noise. I'm like what's wrong w you? Now I'm letting the dog out, petting the cat & my daughter is like , mom, mom MOM! I turn around & think I see my other cat coming over & nope it's a racoon in my kitchen.

She's like what do we do? My husband is at work already, so the dork I am says call 911..911 won't we 411'd 911 & said Palmyra police dept please..they are like you 411'd 911? So had to explain. So now I am talking to 911 about the racoon in my kitchen. We had left a basement window open with a fan cuz it got damp when it rained the other day. The racoon was now at the bottom of the basement stairs, hangin out. Ya know what 911 told me to do? OPEN THE DOOR so it can go back outside. DUH!!! I was laughing so hard w the operator. Not even 6 am yet & I'm sure I win the 911 dumb ass award for the month of june.
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Well, I hope the racoon got out! Good thing for your may have waken up with a racoon in your face!!

Hugs and prayers!

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Thanks for sharing this story.
It made me laugh, :rof
even as it must have been down right scarey first thing in the morning to be confronted with a racoon!

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Chuckle, chuckle. I can just picture it all. Guess it wanted to be cool! At least you didn't wake up with eyes glowing at you.

Used to have coons, skunks and possums here. Now with 3 huge dogs-they don't come around. Miss the skunks-had them named and they would come when called.

Did the "bandit" get out??????
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Yup he got out. It only took about 2 min for him to come back upstairs when I opened the door. He was cute..but I didn't know the temperment. He totally followed me around the kitchen while I was thinking what do I do..what do I do..You should see how he ripped up the screen in the basement to come in for a visit.
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Thanks for giving me a good laugh to start my day. I can just picture that racoon following you around the kitchen!
Glad it all ended well!
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Thanks for the moring chuckle!! I can just picture you on the phone and your daughter probably cracking up in the background. No one should have to deal with decisions on how to handle racoons before 8am!

Hope your daughter is feeling better too!
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Thanks for the laugh this morning. It just goes to show when we panic it makes the most easy thing to do so far from our minds. I probably would have done the same thing.

Glad all is well.........Lo
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