sister and bf relapsed

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sister and bf relapsed

Please pray for my sister and her bf thru this difficult time.
BF was clean almost 2 years. My sister had 90 days, then a slip, then back to 30, then another slip. She's having difficulty handling any time she gets overwhelmed with anything. She takes anti-depressant, but stopped...again. She's also blaming herself for the bf's slip, too. He's blaming himself for hers. Mental illness runs in the family with a great-aunt, so I'm hoping my sister will seek more help.

They were both coming down from being up for 4 days.
I'm not really feeling much, except compassion and concern for their health.
It is what it is. For me, that's my own progress of not getting myself so crazed about it all. I worry about my niece more so than anyone.

My parents are the ones still so upset and hurt. They are tired. I've been trying to help with my 4 year old niece when I can.

It's not really being talked about, but I have to just keep working my own program.

I'm actually on my way to lunch with a friend. I might have to separate a little more from my parents because it hurts to see them hurting. Maybe that's being selfish, but they will do what they will do and I have to live my life, too. I can't stop everything and just sit over there and watch my sister sleep.

Anyway, just trying to keep myself on track despite this recent news.
Praying for all those affected each day!
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prayers being sent for you and yours. Glad that you are taking care of yourself!
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awwww, sweetie, I'm sorry.

I probably need to detach a little from your parents for now. I can KNOW that I can't fix a situation, ACCEPT it, but it still hurts when it's right in your face.

Sending hugs and prayers to you and your family!

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Prayers, Aztchr. You sound good, by the way. Healthy and detached
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Thanks! I had a nice lunch and am in the process of trying to decide where to go on a little weekend trip next month. It'll be my first solo trip so I'll probably keep it local, but it's still something just for me.
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Aww Prayers going out for them... It takes what it takes, and not anything less unfortunately.... But as you know, they are right where they should be. I think we
learn a great deal through our mistakes and they get us to a better place.

I'm glad you are doing so good.
That is the best thing you can do is take care of yourself.....
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