Don't know what to think!

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Don't know what to think!

I haven't posted a thread in a while. As some of you know my daughter had been doing very well. Working, bought a car, cell phone. She has been seeing a therapist and is on bi polar meds. She hasn't been living with me recently because it is too hard on both of us. She lives where she works in a nice home with a lot of comfort and food. She works hard there. It is a home based business. She also has another job and has been very responsible about it. Well, about 2 months ago she fell off of a ladder at her second job. (not the home based job) She had to go their workmans comp. doc. She ended up with a fractured tailbone. (I took her to the ER, so I know the results) The comp. doc put her on vicodin. I said you can't take that. She said I'll be fine, I have to work and I can't go to work with this pain. I know she was in pain, but I was really concerned about the vicodin.
It was all out of my control.

Well, you guessed it, she had trouble getting off of the vicodin. I was not aware of this. Like I said she doesn't live here. I know she always went to work and I have seen her a lot. She kept in touch a lot.

She finally told me that she is on methadone because she could not get off of the vicodin. I suspected something the last time I saw her. I confronted her and she told me she was going to a methadone clinic.

She said she could not get anymore vicodin and she didn't want to do anything illegal so she went to a methadone clinic because she didn't know what to do.

I really hate to see her on methadone because she went that route one other time during her addiction and all she did was sleep. She was not functionaing at all when she was on it before. She is on 45 mg. of methadone and at first she was very tired. She said it seems to be okay now. She is still working everyday and keeping up with her responsiblities.

I know how hard it is to get off of methadone. I don't know what to think.
I just feel like the air was taken out of my balloon.

Thanks for listening...............Lo
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Since she's still working, taking responsibilities, and keeping in touch with you, her actions speak "good recovery" to me. I'm sorry about the vicodin, but if she got on the methadone, she didn't want to continue on the downward spiral of addiction.

Hugs and prayers!

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I hear you, and understand how hard this is, Lo, but I have to agree with Amy..
The fact that she didn't want to do anything illegal and packed herself off to a methadone clinic speaks to her recovery...
It is not perfect , but it is her recovery.... continue to believe in her, Lo...and big hugs to you...grateful
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(((Lo))) I understand how you feel. We are powerless but we can pray that she will get and stay on the path. Remember to stay in today and enjoy the time you have with her.
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I have to agree with Amy. As long as she's doing the next right thing,
I'm sure it will work out for her.
Sending tender, loving, prayers and hugs out to her mama.
Focus on you, sweetie.
Said with love,
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Amy, Linda, Grateful and Ladybugg,

Thank you for your words of inspiration. You are right, I just needed someone to tell me that she is still trying and doing what she thought was best.

Ladybugg....I am still going to make more of an effort to enjoy her and let her know that I am glad that she took control when she recognized the problem.

Thank you for the love, prayers and support. I think when things are good, I just don't want anything to change. It just kind of set me back a few steps. I think we have the tendency to live in fear of relapse no matter what.

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Ahhhh ((Lobo & Daughter)) 8

I can understand what she was thinking. I agree with the others, she is working her recovery the best way she knows how right now. I think she'll be okay. Remember to have Faith. Look for the good signs..... Love & light to you both.
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Thank you sweetie. You always have a way of making me feel better.

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i am praying she will stay in her recovery & can come off of this without many problems. she is trying to do the right things for this so all we can do is say a prayer for her. i will say one for u too.((((lobo)))
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I'm sorry about your daughter's accident and hope she is recovering.

I agree with the others in that as long as she is still going to work each day, and keeping up with her responsibilites, she is not going backwards!

Sounds to me like she knows what she's doing and is determined to keep clean! Good for her.

Enjoy this time with her.

Hugs, Devastated
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I imagine it helps to just let it out here, doesn't it? I can certainly understand the hard when we see our kids doign well and want all the wonders life can offer to them. Sounds like she is tryign very hard and just the fact that she made this decision on her own and handled things without lingering in denial is very, very positive. I am sure she appreciates your support as well. Hugs and prayers for both of you.
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Hope, Dev, Greet,

Thank you for the encourging words. Greet, it sure does help to let it out here. Just telling someone how I feel helps. I can't tell my sons because it causes sibling problems.
It's best if she works through these things without them knowing all of the gory details.

I know she wants to stay clean, Dev. I just have my reservations about methadone. I know it is hard to get of of. I just have to try to keep the PMA.

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It does set you back, I know the feeling all to well and it makes me have goosebumbs just thinking about it. I just thank God I have my recovery and that I don't have to return to that dark place I was in at one time. As we know, that doesn't do anyone any good. :ghug3
More hugs and prayers for the both of you.
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