Recovey can happen

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Thumbs up Recovey can happen

Tomorrow I drive to my 24 yr. old son's rehab for a 5 day family week. He has been there 14 weeks.

We read so many stories of despair, but today I am optimistic and hopeful that my son can recover. He recently sent me a belated letter for Mother's Day, that brought happy tears. He is appreciative, loving, grateful, forward thinking and committed to sobriety. He thanked me for being compassionate rather than angry when he got kicked out of the rehab one month in to it. He said because of my reaction, he was able to go back. That is an example of my own recovery.
I didn't rescue, scold, etc. I only asked him how it felt and what his plans were.

His thinking is forward and he has plans to stay the for the one year duration of the program. I don't worry about his future. That is for him to figure out.
Today he is doing well and so am I.

Recovery can happen. It takes hope, faith and patience.
I still believe we have to intervene when possible, because that is how I got him into treatment. Now it is up to him.
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Have a wonderful week with your recovering son, SS!
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Thanks for sharing, SS!
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A one year program sounds like heaven , it should be a year for everyone ! I hope you have a good week . It's so nice to hear about something positive .
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Have a wonderful time SS and a safe trip....big hugs, Bonnie
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Wishing you a happy and safe journey

Lots of hugs
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Be strong - take risks - love lots - and enjoy the family program.

The family week we spent changed my life - and the life of our family. We finally knew what the problems were (each one of us) and were given steps to change ourselves. That will be 25 years ago in another week.

Love in recovery,
Jody Hepler

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My son's bio dad is coming to family week. I have hardly spoken to him in the past 20 yrs. because he has done nothing but cause difficulty + hardship. He intentionally caused much suffering. He is lives unconsciously.

It has been 5 yrs. of recovery for me in Al-anon...I have a different voice now and it is strong, positive and healthy. No matter what is going on with Bio dad, my son and I are learning to communicate and live a better way. Maybe his dad wiill be a part of family healing... we'll see. If not, it is not my problem. He did not participate at all in the past two rehabs. At least he is showing up this time.

The rehab is in another state so my husband (son's stepdad) & I plan to make it a fun road trip.

When my son calls me once ea. weeks he sounds more and more like the son
I raised. His personality is back. He has hope and commitment.

For today I am able to see him with potential, see him as someone doing the hard work that he is capable of.
It is wonderful to have the veil of fear, doubt and worry lifted.
Today I have much to be grateful for.

Thanks for the encouragement.
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Miracles happen. Recovery happens. I hope this is his time. Enjoy your visit!
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You sound so good. It warms my heart to hear of the progress your son is making.
Sounds like you will be getting your old son back with your newly renovated home.

You have a lot to feel good about and you deserve it.

Have a safe and happy trip..............Lo
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All I can say is to enjoy this "One Day At A Time" Hugs, Marle
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What a joyful post!!

I could hardly believe it when I read 14 weeks!!

I am so happy for you and your son
please know you all remain in my prayers
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SS -

I'm happy to hear that your son is doing so well and that you are heading to family week. Your recovery is on solid feet and I can tell that by what you write about bio dad. I'm so glad that your son has the option for a year of continued aftercare. I believe that it really helps. My RAH needed about 18 months before he got to the point where he felt that he could actually turn away from crack if he saw it in front of him. There is a lot of brain healing that has to occur and the type of program that he is in is a real blessing.

Thanks for sharing this awesome news!
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get it, give it, grow in it
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Hold my spot while I am away. I appreciate sharing the journey with all of you.

" take risks - love lots - happy trip "
This is just what I will do.
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Get Caught Reading
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I'm with Done....Sending a rainbow to light the way.
I'm proud of him.

Love ya,
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I am too excited for you - it will be life changing for you - and your son - and the bio Dad, well that's up to him.

Family recovery is wonderful!

Love in recovery,
Dottie Lou
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Good for your son!

Enjoy your one-day-at -a-time with you son,
and enjoy every single breath with your husband
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