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She is there and I am home and exhausted. Now to get back to my "normal, peaceful, serene life". Hugs, Marle
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Great news - for both of you. It takes what it takes!! But it is soooo hard watching our kids hit bottom - and then have to go even lower. Used to rip my heart out.

Prayers and love coming your way.

Love in recovery,
Jody Hepler
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What wonderful news; I'm so happy for you and for her.

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Marle, I'm so glad she made it. I pray her HP will hold her tight.I have had you guys in my thoughts & prayers all day.
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happy, happy, happy i am for you & have waited a long time for this. prayers for you & megan. hugs,
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Get Caught Reading
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Thinking of you and thought I'd let ya know.
I'm so glad she's decided to take this step.
Sending continued prayers for your family.
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This is wonderful news!!!
You deserve a couple days of pure relaxation and for the first time in how long ??? that little part of the brain that always wonders where they are and what they're doing can get a well deserved rest.
I pray that Megan gets all the help she needs and that this is her time.
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SO very happy for you both this is a great step forward
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Megan is in my prayers tonight
I pray that she finds the strength to do what needs to be done
others have...she can too!

Many Blessings
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My heart is smiling tonight, just reading this. I've been busy and am just catching up here, and what a wonderful thread to read.

Staying out of God's way pays off every time, and she is proof that given the chance, she can make good choices.

Hugs to both of you and prayers for healing and better days ahead.
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