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Praying Megan's moment of clarity takes shape into a continued desire for sobriety! sure sounds like she's getting it. It is huge that she is admitting it just isn't working for her.
One step at a time.
I am so happy you have such positive news!
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In the past you have sent me some very kind words when I needed them most. To hear that your daughter is now ready for rehab is proof that prayers are answered and that things "unfold" in God's time not ours.
Know that you are both in my prayers and I think you are truly an amazing mom. God bless you and yours.........dixied
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Ahhh, I have tears in my eyes... I'm so happy for you both. Give Megan a huge hug from us recoverees and tell her she can do this!! Huge to you
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I've got a silly grin on my face and happy tears in my eyes, too! Continued prayers for Megan and your family and I hope you all enjoy the best Memorial Day ever!
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Marle, I am thrilled beyond words with this news!!!!!
This is a huge step for Megan and I am so proud of you both...
Good for Megan, bless her...and may the doors open for her and may she be given the strength and courage as she moves love, huge hugs and continued prayers for you , Megan and Mr Marle..
Happy, happy, Joy, Joy....:bounce

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Marle, Today it is your well-deserved turn to have happy news - your Megan is moving in the direction of health and recovery.
I believe, like you, that recovery can begin in a family with just one person, so let it begin with me. Then wait and see who will follow in their own time.
Sending prayers that Megan is ready to surrender and that she will be open to another way.
This is no small step, this is a courageous one.
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this is great news marle!!!!!! You know the actual act of WANTING to get clean is the hardest step for us addicts to achieve so this is a great sign. Especially since it isn't like she just "ran out" of her drug or anything. She could still be out there with that guy if she wanted to be, getting high etc, but she CHOSE not to.

What a nice gift for your memorial day bbq or whatever your doing. You definitely deserve it!!!!
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Oh Marle I am so happy for you. Heres praying its Megans time to get well.
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Marle, Sounds like a new beginning for you all. Positive energy and tons of luck on the road to megans recovery. Smiles, Bonnie
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really wonderful news... I haven't been here for a while, and something brought me here today to see your post... you are both in my heart and prayers.

big, big hug to you both, jeepgirl
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(((Marle)))) ((((Megan)))
Your news brought tears to my eyes, that's how happy I am that Megan is finally seeing the light.

You hang in there, Marle, this is such a big step for her.


I am loving this!

Hugs, and hugs, and hugs....
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Tears of joy for you! Heartfelt prayers that this is THE moment. You have helped me so much in my struggles, I pray that this is the beginning of the end of yours. Much love!
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so glad to hear she is going to rehab...............usually theres a case manager that can help with finding longer term low cost or state funded treatment.............HUGS and best wishes
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Praying that this is her time.
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Great news Marle!
Prayers that all works out for the both of you.
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Wonderful news. Prayers and hugs to all of you!
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Joyous hugs for all... and prayers that this is her time. Miracles happen every day.

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Great news!!!!!

good luck to you both
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Sendng more prayers this morning for Megan. May she keep moving forward in her recovery.
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That is wonderfuly news.
I am very happy for you and Megan.
Sending my prayers along too.


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