Excuses we hear

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Excuses we hear

Hubby has agreed to go to Dr with me and make alternate pain managment method changes such as patches, injections etc. He has offered to pay for med ins because he has been told he needs more back surgery.

He has admitted he has trouble controling how much pain meds he takes. He asked if I would dispense them for him again until we see the Dr & I said no, I wasn't going to have any part of it.
It was his problem & he needs to deal with it. He has admitted to getting them from his cronies when he runs out of his and has stated he won't do that again, we shall see about that.

He has to have some sort of pain managment until he sees the Dr but I am not dealing with it for him. The kicker is that he does have a horrible back & neck problem.

I can tell he's still on it but he's not getting catatonic like he was. He knows that if his pill use continues after we see the Dr & get on a alternate method then he will be on his own. I have set that boundry. I will not chase after him or snoop, if he continues pill usage or gets it from his cronies then I'm sure it will be apparant. Again I have explained my boundry clearly.

What honestly made me try to work things out is our son, he completley fell apart when he found out his dad was gone. That was very hard to deal with.

But I'm not overly optimistic about it. But the ball is in his court now.

I had to laugh today he came to me and said he thought someone got into his glove cpompartment and took a bunch of his pills because there were several gone.

Uh huh...........................yah right...................
I said, interesting, are you sure you didn't take them instead?

Does he really think I'll beleive that one? Geez.....

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Teggie, I know you care or you wouldn't be here, please if you have any say in the alternative pain treatment, look very seriously at any Dr that prescribes patches.

They are highly addictive!!!!! They are opiates. They really are not for someone that is an alcoholic and/or addict.


Love and hugs,
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I'm sorry he's still not being honest, but I think YOU are doing a great job of taking care of YOU!

Hugs and prayers!

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