Moments to Treasure

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Moments to Treasure

Tonight was our Naranon group’s anniversary meeting. I love these meetings…the hope, the fellowship, the absolute aura of a power greater than me in the room…it just blows me away. But tonight was by far the most incredible program experience.

We always have a speaker both from NA and Naranon, celebrating the hope for our addicted loved ones and for us. Tonight we had 2 NA speakers, one of whom was my daughter. I knew she was very nervous, more nervous she confessed, then when she first spoke for NA. To say she was amazing is an understatement. I know I am biased as her mom, but she just blew everyone away. But the thing is, I know “she” doesn’t speak. She has no idea before hand what will come out of her mouth; her HP carries it all the way. (As she said, and I’ve seen it; I have experienced it myself when sharing sometimes in the rooms, the only time she ever starts to stumble a little is when she tries to control what she is saying, but when she lets it go, it truly is an amazing thing) We had a huge crowd…the room was filled and overflowing and it was beautiful to see the number of recovering addicts in the room as well. Her sponsor came too, just so cool. My daughter’s sharing brought both tears and laughter…she just has such a way and it is a wonderful gift.

Afterwards when we were enjoying the incredible spread of food (leave it to a bunch of codependents to supply enough food to feed a starving army for a month, lol) a young man and his wife came up to me. His wife recently joined our group and he is a recovering addict. In the amazing small world that is the recovery family, it turns out he was in outpatient rehab with my younger daughter and had been incredibly impacted by her death. In fact they came to the viewing…I didn’t remember them specifically; there were hundreds of people, but I do remember that so many from her OP came and it touched me so at the time. I was so incredibly moved by how much even now, 21 months later, he was still impacted by Kristen. He told me about a young girl who came into program shortly after Kristen died who faced the same sort of struggle my daughter had. He shared Kristen’s story with her and he wanted me to know that she is still clean, still touched by my angel. My HP brought me another miracle tonight and both my daughters shared this special anniversary with me.

I just can’t convey in words the power, the spirit that was in that room tonight. Our anniversary meetings are always special, but this one by far was beyond anything I could ever have thought. A young girl in our group was telling me how she wishes she had my daughter’s strength. I told her she underestimates herself…her strength is amazing and when I hear her share, I always think how special it is that young people can find this program and have the rest of their lives to experience the incredible benefits.

Thanks for letting me share my joy and my hope for our addicted loved ones and for us. Anyone who is ready and is willing to do what it takes can find recovery. We can not save our addicts, but we can save ourselves. And in saving ourselves, I truly believe it makes a positive difference in our loved ones. It doesn’t “make” them recover, but by example, we show the power of recovery. Hugs and prayers especially for those still suffering.

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You conveyed A LOT, my tears are flowing! I've not experienced an anniversary meeting, but I've experienced some wonderful speakers, of which it seems your daughter has the grace and courage to be one of!

thank you for sharing! How special for you that both your daughters have made an impact on this world.

So many times, most of the time, I am so sad for all of us, but especially you parents, and then something like this. The growth, maturity, spiritualness, whatever you want to call it, I think - I am so lucky to have found myself among all of these people, people who are truly growing, learning, wanting to LIVE! What a gift!

From the ashes the Pheonix rises - it sounds like you have two beautiful Pheonix's!

Blessings to you and your family!
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****{Thanks for Sharing GREET!}}}
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My HP brought me another miracle tonight and both my daughters shared this special anniversary with me.
Greet, thanks sharing such a profound and yet tender experience with us.
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It's like I can feel you smiling and radiant through the wireless, Greet. Thank you so much for this beautiful post
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Originally Posted by greeteachday View Post
My HP brought me another miracle tonight and both my daughters shared this special anniversary with me.
My throat swelled when I read that. Thank you for sharing the joy and many thanks to both of your daughters.
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Originally Posted by greeteachday View Post
both my daughters shared this special anniversary with me.

I was so touched by these words....
so happy to know that you felt Kristin's presence tonight

thank you for sharing and may the blessings of Kristin always be within your reach
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Thanks for such an awesome post. Brought tears of gratitude to my eyes...that we DO get through this and that we have each other!

Hugs and prayers!

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Thanks for sharing that . What you said to the young girl was perfect , if only everyone could find recovery without all the pain that comes first . thanks again your post inspired me .
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Ah, greet, you always bring tears to my eyes. Thru your words you bring such hope, such faith. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring moment with us, knowing that young people everywhere are overcoming this horrid disease is truly a treasure.

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Your daughter has her journey.
How great that you are proud of her and have your place in ea. other's recovery.
Sounds like you are part of an awesome group.
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Thank you for this beautiful tribute to recovery and to hope. I'm not surprised that your daughter can touch hearts with her words...her mother has touched my heart for a long time here. And I know in my heart that Kristen walks with both you and your daughter and continues to touch hearts through her memories.

You bring a tear to my eye and hope to my heart. Thank you for the wonderful light you share.

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Thanks for an inspirational story with which to start my day.

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Thanks so much for sharing your story.
It was truly touching

You never know about this place... The stories we will read. and the places we will go.
One day I am spitting coffee onto my computer screen (out my nose) and the next day,
I am spilling tears into my coffee cup...


SR, thanks for all the emotions.
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thanks for sharing. your share brought tears to my eyes as i see so much hope in your post. i am so proud of your daughter as she walks the road of recovery. hugs & prayers for both of you.
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Rest peacefully Sonny Boy
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((GREET)) When you can't "see" something, how do you know it is there? You "feel" it. What a wonderful, heartwarming testiment to recovery, hope and a love that knows no bounds.

Bless you Greet, and Bless both your daughters.

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How wonderful Greet, you must be one proud mom I know I would be.:bounce
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With tears in my eyes, I respond - thank you so very much for sharing this - my day started with some sadness and worry about a recovering friend, but this reminds me that only God is in charge. He can use anyone to carry the message of hope - anniversary meetings are so special. Thanks for letting me be there vicariously.

And thank you even more for reminding me what is really important today - not the world's stuff and trials - but gratitude for recovery for me and for my loved ones.

Love in recovery,
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Greet, thank you so much for sharing your Joy and Blessings....
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