Moments to Treasure

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Amazing Greet thank you for sharing such an inspiring experience with us!
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Get Caught Reading
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I just can’t convey in words the power, the spirit that was in that room tonight. Our anniversary meetings are always special, but this one by far was beyond anything I could ever have thought. A young girl in our group was telling me how she wishes she had my daughter’s strength. I told her she underestimates herself…her strength is amazing and when I hear her share, I always think how special it is that young people can find this program and have the rest of their lives to experience the incredible benefits.

Loved your story. Thanks for sharing it.
Your own recovery is just a little bit awe inspiring, too, my friend.
Love ya, Greet.

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Your post gave me goosebumps ... and I feel the bond between the three of you that can never be broken.

Thanks for sharing this special night and the miracle of recovery
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(((Greet)))...(((Megan))).. I got a big smile reading your post, like Yup that's our Meg! It sounds like she really got the message accross, which is what the sharing is all about. She is such an amazing youg woman..a chip off the ol block.

" Afterwards when we were enjoying the incredible spread of food (leave it to a bunch of codependents to supply enough food to feed a starving army for a month, lol) " You are too funny, I can just picture the spread!!

Thank you so much for sharing.
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Thank you so much for sharing this incredible story. Recovery does bring SO MANY blessings if we just have the courage to do it. All 3 three of the "greet gals" are giving back. And I thank all of you for giving to me through your posts and sharing. Living in recovery is truly one of God's greatest blessings.

Love and hugs,
Hangin' In
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