OT - Serenity is Such a Physical Thing for Me

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OT - Serenity is Such a Physical Thing for Me

I sometimes forget to watch out for my serenity and get caught up in others' troubles, addictive or just problems, and later on when I'm back to "normal" I physically feel such a release. It is then that I realize the whole time I was absorbing those others' anxiety, my stomach was just tied in knots and I was aching in tension. Then I am so glad that my body feels more relaxed and loose. But I just can't remember at those times of tension to recognize the physical symptoms, so the cycle repeats itself. It seems like such a simple warning signal, the pit of your stomach tightening around itself, that I would say "Whoa!" and just know right then to walk away quickly or hang up the phone. But I am still slow to "feel" that knowledge or remember it that second. I'd like to make this a goal to achieve, to truly trust my gut and be instantly aware of its messages. I really believe that our bodies are great barometers, sort of a sixth sense to truth in situations. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm wondering if a physical activity like yoga or something also instructs you in that type of knowledge and insight. Or maybe tai-chi (sp?) or just stretching. I think since it's my physical body, it needs "body" instruction rather than just reading about it, if that makes sense?
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I so agree with you, our gut tells us first what our body and mind don't know yet...and paying attention can save us all a lot of pain.

Today my serenity is precious and when I feel it disturbed I KNOW it's time to take a big step back and get myself to a better place spiritually.

Good post, Peaceteach, thanks for the reminder.

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