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Originally Posted by itisatruth View Post
I do think it is like powerlessness....Norm has to find it on his own, just like everyone else. I don't know all the history with him, but it sounds like he hasn't been "there" quite like you.
I agree with this; we are powerless to force other people to see our POV. I am struggling with this with my MIL and I've realized that my need to have her see things my way is MY defect that I have to turn over to my higher power. Not saying that is the case with you, of course, but that is how I am feeling right now and what I thought of when I read your post.

I am torn about interfering with the girl's parents. If anything, it should come from your son since he has witnessed it firsthand. Right now it's just what you've heard, you know? But of course if something serious happened to her, you'd feel badly that you didn't let her parents know so they could choose to attempt to help her. Try turning it over to your HP and see what you come up with.:ghug3
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back off, you know we r powerless over people. let them work it out. hugs & prayers,
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Wow some really great support here - I think from my view of the situation what I would have been feeling - is maybe some thing along the lines of "discounted & dismissed" by Norm.

Here is something that you are very passionate about(al-anon, AA and recovery), have a strong faith in, and are living your life according to it's principles and someone that you care deeply for basically said
"Hogwash, this is what needs to be done, blah, blah, blah "

To me, that discounts my beliefs and part of ME.

I can be emotionally hurt by that.

No, we can never "make" the Normies "get" the disease/recovery concepts - not until they are ready - just like an A can't embrace sobriety until they are ready; but it doesn't mean that we aren't sad and a little wounded when our beliefs are brushed aside casually and treated as insignificant.

We can't do anything about the Norms, GF's, and our beloved children except give them to our loving HP - but you can know that your thoughts, feelings and beliefs are worthy and valid.

Cats to Norm "I hate that you don't agree with my thoughts and ideas on this situation, but just because our opinions differ does not make mine any less important that yours."

Now, if you wanted to get a little sassy, you could say Bucko after that statement - but that may be a little much - ha ha ha ha ha!!

Praying God's best for your son and his ex-girlfriend - may they each find the path to lead them to a life filled with Serenity & Joy,
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