To All My Moms!

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To All My Moms!

A Huge Thank You to all of you!~ I could say something to each one of you but then I would sound like I'm @ the Oscars. So Just know I love you all and your the best! And to those of you I don't know as well yet HAPPY MOM'S DAY ALSO!
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..but then I would sound like I'm @ the Oscars.
You'll always be a star and a winner in this Mama's heart, Done.

Thanks sweetie, and Happy Mother's Day from me too, to all the mama's here at SR.

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Awww, you little sweetie, you.

Thank you, My Miss Done!
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How thoughtful of you to think of all of us! Thank You
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thank you!
And as one of the mama's, thanks for all you do!
I am so proud of you!!!!

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And to you Miss Done. You sure are a girl that a mom can be proud of....and I am.

Thank you, honey.
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Thank you from another of your moms who is very PROUD of you and all you have done. You make any mom proud to say they know you.
Hugs coming to you
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I'm proud to be known as your surrogate mom.
I'd adopt ya in a heartbeat.
You give every one of us mom's here, hope.
Thank you for being you, sweetie.
Love ya,
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Thank You!

I am so proud of you and your recovery

I always appreciate the insight you bring to any situation

I hope your mom had a special day too
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Thank you Sweetie! I love you too

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You know I'm proud of you and I love you lots.

Big hugs

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Thank You back to all of you!~

I hope you all had a great day. I did.

Wasn't with my Mom, but talked to her 4 a long time and my Gram so that was good.

Sweet Dreams to all of you!~

Love You All!~

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Miss Done, my dear sweet friend, I hope your Mom is as proud of you as I am!

You have come so far, and changed so much!

You are such a kind, caring, and compassionate human being, you will go very far in this life , you have been blessed.

Love and lots and lots of hugs,
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you are so loved & i am another one who is so proud of you .hugs,
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Hi Miss Done. I don't know if I'm considered one of your Moms, but I feel like I am and I'm so proud of you. You have come so far in your recovery. You've grown so much since you first came to us. I feel that you are the most inspiring young lady I've met here and you've given me and I'm sure everyone here, so much hope for our addict/alcoholic loved ones. You've given us insight into what they think and what they're going through with their addictions, so that we can better understand. You are so loving and encouraging and downright open & honest. I love you and I am proud of you. I feel really blessed that you have been part of my life here.
(((((((((((((((((Loving Mom Hugs))))))))))))))))))
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You are a blessing to me!
love ya,
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