Just wanted my girls to know

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Just wanted my girls to know

No matter how our children feel about us right now.
I think we've all been the best we could be for them.
In honor of tomorrow and in honor of You,
I just wanna say....
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Happy Mother's Day to you to Linda. No matter what our children are doing, we need to celebrate Hugs, Marle
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Yes and Yes!
Thank you , Linda
and Happy Mothers Day to you,
and all the mommas here on the board

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So true. Happy Mother's Day, everyone.3
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Happy Mother's Day to you all!!

Even though I'm old enough to BE most of your kids' mom, you have all given me SO much support, love and inspiration. When I tell my dad of something I've read here, he asks me "where'd you learn/hear that?" and I just say "one of my mom's" Heck, he appreciates you, too, because you've all helped me become a better person!

Hugs and prayers!

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Us mom's wear many hats......I just want to say I take my hat off to all of you.

Love and blessings on this day.........Lo

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I too want to wish everyone a very Happy Mothers day. Praying that all of us will hear from our love ones.
Linda thank you for thinking of us. Moms need to stick together in this mess.
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Thank you Linda, wishing everyone on SR a very Happy Mother's Day.
We deserve it.

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Happy Mother's Day to all the special ladies here~!!!

I brought the bonbons, so help yourself

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YUM!!! :bounce
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It is our special day. YEA FOR US.
My niece invited me over for a barbecue tomorrow.
I will take kindness and love from wherever it comes.
I have no complaints. Life is good.
And since it is Mom's day I will boast abt. my son who will celerate 11 weeks in rehab
on Mother's day. Yea for him. This mom is proud today.
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We all have something to celebrate!

Please pass the chocolates
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Happy Mother's Day

Hoping your day looks something like this......
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No chocolate for me, Ann. I'm all about the breads.
Wanna post a pic, but the thunderstorm that just started up
outside is preventing me. Lucky I'm even on here. lol
Just imagine cookies, pastries, and cakes. YUM!
Hope you have a wonderful YOU day, sweetie.
Sendin' lots of love and prayers your way today.
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Happy Mothers Day to all you special ladies here at SR.

Enjoy your day,

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I want to wish all you beautiful ladies out there a Happy Mother's Day,
It's your day, enjoy!

(and here's a turn about: Oldest called and wished me happy moms day, the youngest is taking us out to LUNCH!)

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Thank you!

I'm a new mom, so I am only beginning to understand what some of you already know--how the love for a child can grow so big.

Big hugs to all you ladies, moms or not. If you post here in support of others, then you've earned an honorary mom-title just for that.


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thank you!
Really needed this today!:ghug3
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Here ya go Linda!

Happy Mothers Day to all!!

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Where would I be without the love and thoughtfulness of
my good buddies?
Greet, you are my utopia of fattening. Thanks!
I think I'll start with the eclair. lol
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