Daughter talking rehab

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Lighting a candle and saying a prayer....
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your daughter will be in my evening prayer tonight...

It is encouraging that she is taking this first step of reaching out for help...
I will pray that she finds the strength and courage to continue the process....
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Ohh Marle...I am so glad to hear that she has at least thought of getting help. I soo hope she can get in before she looses her will. If she is afraid of withdrawl & her & BF are using $300 a day, she might need medical detox. That's what my daughter had to do the last time she was in. Regular detox wouldn't accept her bc she was in too deep. Being an addict she had to go out to get her last high before she went. The ride Josh & I took a few hours away wasn't a pretty one. Well actually the drive was beautiful, but she was soo wasted. I almost had to pull over to be sick at the thought that that was my daughter. It was the last time she used. When she sobered up (remember she ended with shooting heroin) she said WTF have I done to myself? My life? I have had enough. If your daughter can get in the one min at a time, one hour, one day, one week. Go from bed to bed. No interuptions. Bed to bed. I pray she thinks today is a great day to be clean!! I am soo praying for her.

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Marle, I've got megan in my prayers. I'm so glad she is realizing that she doens't want this anymore. ((((Megan)))) (((((Marle)))))
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It is great news your daughter is looking for help on her own will, it's so difficult for an addict to make such a big decision.
I hope she'll follow up and go to rehab soon.
Rain is going to rehab soon and he is pretty scared of the withdrawal symptoms cos the rehab he's going to have no medicine to help. It's gonna be hardcore!
Anyway, prayers for Megan
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I've actually got chills reading this thread. I really hope Megan goes through with this, but the very fact that she is saying "I'm tired of this" is a HUGE step. Even if she doesn't do it now, the thought has been firmly planted in her head, and it is going to grow.

When I got locked up, all I could think about was my XABF. He is another one who lives to get high and doesn't see anything wrong with it. Even though I pretty much stayed away from him, I still kept in touch, and I always ended up using.

When I relapsed last year, it ended with him. We were at his mom's house, and I knew that I was about to lose my car....his comment was "so?". He would have been perfectly content having me back on the streets, making money to buy us crack. That's when I knew I'd had it and not only did I have to quit the crack, I had to quit him.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, Megan may have a few false starts....I did. But the seed of recovery and being clean was planted and every time I used I was absolutely miserable and hated myself. That's what made me finally seek recovery....not just clean time. I really think this is a good sign.

I will continue to keep you, Megan, and hubby in my prayers!

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Sorry I'm late Marle. What wonderful news. Prayers are being answered for Megan!!!

Keep me posted.
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Hoping and praying for you and her.
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Boy oh boy, my prayers are heading her way, and yours!
It's all up to her, hope she makes a life changing choice.

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Praying for you and your daughter Marle. Prays that you will keep on with that good recovery and prays that your daughter will finally see that the only way she can win is to surrender.

I admire you for doing the tough thing, loving your daughter enough to get out of the way so her HP can get to her.

Hangin' In
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Sorry so late on this one. I'm so glad to hear some positive news about Megan. This is a definite sign of hope. I know it is a long road but it sounds like she is trying to grab onto the beginning.

Prayers that she does surrender and know that is the only way.

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How she doing?

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Still talking, but no action. Hugs, Marle
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I am still praying that this is her time. Keep us posted because we all care and are hoping for the best outcome. (I do realize this is up to her, but still letting you know I am praying for you and Megan).
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I'm sorry there's been no action yet, but I still think this is a good sign that she's getting sick and tired of the dope and the lifestyle. It may take her a while to actually DO anything, but the very fact that she's thinking about says a lot.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high (yes, I'm codie about all of your kids), but I am hoping she takes a step in the right direction.

Hugs and prayers!

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i pray that she will carry thru with this. my prayers are with her & with you. hugs,
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Originally Posted by marle View Post
Still talking, but no action. Hugs, Marle
That may be a good thing. Taking time to think about her choices of rehab, recovery as opposed to just doing it on a whim and then deciding, nah this ain't for me, could be good.

She has a lot to give up when she chooses to finally go get help, that's a heavy decision..

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Prayers this is her time ((((Marle)))
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