She's 24 today

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She's 24 today

Another birthday w/o AD. She is 24 today. I hope she is safe. I hope she remembers those of us who love her and miss her. I pray for her, love her, and have hope but wonder if she does? I wonder if anyone else will miss her on this day, will she have a cake or any cards? Does she know this is her birthday?

I miss her but I move on. Meetings, groups, readings, putting one foot in front of the other. Thank God for the peace I have that I am able to move on with out her. Getting ready for granddaughter recital, summve vacation to the beach. However that doesn't mean I don't think of her and grieve what could have been and all the times we have missed--times we can never get back.

I hope she is happy with HER choices and her life.

Happy birthday kasey, I love you!8
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awww Susan, I know this has to be a hard day for you. No matter what Kasey is doing today, I can assure you that she knows you love her. No matter how strong our addiction is, we don't forget that.

I'm glad that you are going on with your life, even if it's hard letting Kasey find her own way. I still pray for both of you all the time. I hope she's safe and that she hits her bottom soon.

Hugs and prayers!

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Thinking of you an sending hugs an prayers.
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I'm sorry, you and your daughter are in my thoughts and prayers.

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It must be a bitter sweet day for you - a day filled with memories of your beautiful daughter before the disease every touched her life and then your thoughts of what, where, who, how, and on and on.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Praying that wherever she is that she knows you & her HP love her and also sending out thoughts of strength & comfort for you throughout the day.

Wishing you comfort and peace,
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A prayer to share with God today.....

I come to Your presence today with a heavy heart.
Please grant me the peace that comes with Your
strength and courage. Help me to get through this day
with the conviction that my sweet daughter is in Your
sights and caress her with Your love and devotion.
Show her mercy and love today, Lord. As I'm not able to.

Praying for you and your family, sweetie. Hold tight.
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Susan, I have not seen my Megan since Christmas. She has sent a few text messages. After my husband got hurt yesterday, I called her and we talked for about an hour. I asked her those very questions that are going through your head. She told me that it is not that she does not care, it is just that the drugs get such a hold on her. It is the same with Kasey. She does still love you, she does still remember. It is just that when she has her DOC, those things are put in the back of her mind. That is the way that she survives this devastating disease. Think of how lucky you are that you can enjoy a normal day. That you can look forward to something as lovely as a summer vacation. Our addicts can't. Continue to take care of you and continue to pray for Kasey. God does hear our prayers. Hugs, Marle
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Awww Susan, I wish that things didn't have to be so hard for you today. Kasey is thinking about you today, I'm sure. Addidction causes them to miss out on so much in their lives. It makes me feel so sorry for her because she is being robbed of lifes simple pleasures.

I hope that the day will come when she says she has had enough and you will be able to make up for lost time. I'm glad you can have some peace and focus on other things. I am amazed at how strong you have become. You inspire me and so many others.

I remember when Jen was 24.....she was deep in her addiction then. There is hope, don't forget that. She is soon to be 27 and she is a different person today for the better, than she was then. She is not perfect but made a lot of progess. It is still one day at a time.

I'm sending my love to you Susan and praying that Kasey is safe and that someone will remember her birthday today.

Take care and lots of mom hugs............Lo
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I am sending you plenty of hugs today. I too know the pain you are feeling. I haven't seen either my RAS or SD for years, and it hurts. Please know that she knows how much you love her. Praying that she calls you sometime today.
Enjoy her birthday even if she is not there.
Sending mom hugs to you, keeping you and Kasey in my prayers
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I remember so well those birthdays and Christmas and other special days (like Mother's Day, since it is really all about me!) when there was no contact with my using sons. I learned to do other things, be there for folks in the program, treat myself, look at photos and think of pleaant memories, but sometimes I just stayed home and cried.

The hope I can give you is that both sons are now in recovery - and both have thanked me for letting them hit bottom, for not bailing them out - for letting them just live in their disease. And for staying away and not trying to find them, so they didn't have to live with the "in your face" guilt of what they were doing to me.

But it still hurts like #*&#!

Love in recovery,
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My thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter. Wherever she is I'm sure she feels your love. ((( hugs)))
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I'm praying your daughter remembers the best parts of her life and chooses this day to start a new beginning.

I'm also praying for your family's serenity.
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I could not have said this as well as you did, Chino. Thank you.
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so sorry that your not with your daughter on this special day, but this is the day you gave her life and somewhere in the fog of the drugs I bet she knows that you love her, miss her and want much more for her, Prayers that soon she will want much more for herself too!!!

And thank you for sharing your strength and your recovery with us!!!! (((HUGS)))
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Mom hugs to you today, Mother. Prayers that '24' is the year for your daughter to want a life without drugs.
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I know this is a difficult day for you. I know how terribly you miss the baby you gave birth to 24 yrs. ago. Sorry you don't get to celebrate w/ Kasey.
I have learned to accept my sad days, cry, grieve my son and let out the emotions.
Then dust myself off the next day.
Keep faith that one day it will be possible to celebrate Kasey's b'day with her.
My son is going to be 24 also in just 11 days. They are young, they can find redemption.
You are a wonderful mom who loves her daughter and Kasey knows this. Maybe she is just too ashamed to make contact now.
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Somehow I think Kasey was probably remembering past b'days today.

Continued prayers for her and you, that she'll find her way back to a sober and clean life.

Hangin' In
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I hope this is the year your daughter gets well.
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