Al-anon if no nar-anon available??

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Al-anon if no nar-anon available??

There are no nar-anon meetings in my area, but there is al-anon. Can you substitute?? Has anyone done so, and has it been beneficial? Did the steps correlate with family and codependent issues? Is there the whole 'atleast he doesn't use drugs' vibe?? (don't pretend it doesn't exist....)

I live somewhere where people drive around with alcohol stickers on their cars - my fathers wife has one, I'm a tad apprehensive of looking for help and support off people who may see me as worse than them.

Is there like an unwritten law at AA & Co., where there is a standard of individual respect and treatment of others??
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You are absolutely, positively welcome at Alanon! There are many more Alanon meetings than naranon.

I think that you will find a great amt. of support in Alanon. Please stick around with us here, there is a great deal of love and support here as well.


God Bless,
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definitely a great place for me. I love Naranon (small but mighty) because they understand the down and dirty grit of drug addiction. But...addiction is addiction and the focus is ultimately on our own recovery. It can be found in any "room" - just substitute the words for what fits. Basically, I just say that I am powerless over life and get to work on the unmanageable part. And then the next step and the next.

The steps have helped me to rewire my thinking - I really needed a sponsor to go through them though to keep me honest to myself. The "co" side of addiction is an addiction in itself. We become addicted to another and their problems. It is insidious and life threatening as it progresses....stress is a huge factor in illness.

Jump into a group somewhere and give it several tries. If you don't like the one where you are then look for another. There is a lot of good "recovery" in Alanon because it has been around awhile. I've found that step studies especially attract people that are doing the deal.

Hugs - Donna
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There are other groups in my area, maybe in yours. Look up overcomers or celebrate recovery.

My best,
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RUN, DON'T WALK to the nearest 12 step meeting which means Al Anon or Nar Anon.

In my Al Anon group there are people whose loved one does drugs, drinks alcohol, takes pills, does some of this and some of that. And we couldn't care less about what your person does. What we, as recovering Anon people are there for, is to recover from our own issues that the disease of addiction in our family has brought to light.

So don't strain at gnats....just get yourself to a meeting. Face to face meetings, along with the board, have saved my life and sanity. I'll say it til the day I die. I wouldn't take $1,000,000 for what the 12 step program has taught me.

Hangin' In
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There aren't any Nar-Anon meetings in my neck of the woods either.

But there are some really great Al-Anon meetings that have helped me tremendously. I hope that you will give them a try, prayerfully you will find a meeting that will help you.

Our f2f group usually suggest that you try attending at least 6 meetings before you decide if the meeting is for you or not.

Don't give up before the miracles happen, you deserve them.

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I went to Naranon years ago - now go to Alanon because no Naranon in this area. I've been active in both fellowships for 25 years. Has saved my life - and given me a life whether or not the alcoholics/addicts in my life are sober.
Open AA speaker meetings (or NA speaker meetings) were really helpful to me - especially in the beginning. Gave me hope - and helped me understand what they are going through. Made me much more compassionate. And helped me learn to laugh
Run, don't walk - you'll be glad you did. I was.
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