sponsorship/age question

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sponsorship/age question

My sister is 29 and I just found out her sponsor is only 16 and has a year of sobriety. The sponsor has been in jail and had 2 children taken away from her because of her drug use.

My sister has 2.5 months of consecutive clean time since treatment. My sister is going to 3 meetings a week and is doing her work with her sponsor.

I'm thankful my sister is staying clean, but I'm hung up on her sponsor's age.
My sister doesn't think it's a problem and doesn't really see a conflict.

For some reason it's a concern for me. Guess I need to let go of my sister's way of recovery, too.

Does age matter when it comes to addiction and recovery?
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this question is most likely best answered by a recovering addict

but my opinion is that the teenagers brain isnt even fully developed and their reasoning skills are lacking how can she guide an adult?

today my husband told me that his therapist ( a recovering addict) has told him to find a new sponsor.............and it needs to be someone who

1. has at least 5 years clean
2. is working the steps
3.that has a sponsor thats working the steps and that HAS a sponsor working the steps
4. that his sponsor needs to also be someone he can get face to face time with weekly not just passing at meetings

seems to me that the idea is that he needs someone with solid recovery time and also the guidance of others with recovery time and experience

So I'm thinking that the same would be good advice for your makes sense to me
Best wishes to you and your sister.
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The sponsor does have her own sponsor and meets with my sister more than just at the meetings. They meet inbetween times to go over the work.

It's just odd to me and I guess not really something for me to concern myself with as usual. Another thing to let go...
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My sponsor is younger than I. I'm 35 and he's... I forget. 26 I think. He's been my sponsor since 2004.

I believe age alone is irrelevant.
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