OMG... I am going back to school!

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OMG... I am going back to school!

Egad... what a whirlwind day.

Some of you may know I left my job in January. I've been job searching, but even the ones I got interviews for, I didn't want. I don't want to end up doing the same thing as I just left... because it was a great place, but the work did not motivate me.

So I went to a Q&A session at the unemployment office today. 8:15 a.m.... by 2:00 p.m. I had:

Finished the Q&A
Consulted with a college advisor
Registered (and re-registered 3 times due to various screw ups)
Taken a 2 hour placement test
Obtained funding

I get books on Monday, class starts Monday night! I am taking Algebra 1 and Business Law, with a Saturday dedicated to the HIPPA law and another Saturday to a First Aid class.

Eventually, I will be putting together a certificate of proficiency in IT/Medical to update my IT skills (Java, CSS, SQL, .Net, Visual Basic, maybe C#) and add some medical skills (medical terminology, anatomy/physiology, EKG machine and phlebotomy).

I know - a weird mix, but I don't know how long I can get funding and draw my unemployment - so I want to be prepared to take whatever I can! And if the certification classes aren't available, any courses that count toward degree credit.

Our county received some disaster funding following last year's flooding - so my timing was a bull's eye.... or perhaps it was HP's timing, because I didn't think about any of this. It felt like I got loaded into a bow and just "let fly"!

Egad... Algebra on Monday and Wednesday. Business Law should be just a matter of reading, but algebra hurts my brain. At least I am not having to pay for such pain!

I am excited, scared and feel like I have to pee all the time. Do hope this wears off by Monday!

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Well.... I think that this sounds like a FABULOUS thing in your life! I hope the needing to pee stops though (I know, my bladder is the size of a pea, it can be annoying !). You go! Go after your dreams!

Good for you!
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How awesome!!!

I went back to school when I was around 24!. It took me around 7 years because I was working and raising a son -- so I could only go part-time. But kudos to you for doing this. I don't know much about your situation, but from what I went through, I must say that it was totally worth it. I have a career that I enjoy and get satisfaction from. Go for it!
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"Egad... Algebra on Monday and Wednesday. Business Law should be just a matter of reading, but algebra hurts my brain. At least I am not having to pay for such pain!

I am excited, scared and feel like I have to pee all the time. Do hope this wears off by Monday!"

Hey BigSis - good on you!!!!
I went back to school this year too (I am 41 and never finished college.) And I tested into REMEDIAL algebra! Which I was mortified about at first but y'know what- I never did learn this stuff in high school so I am being a very diligent student, following directions, and I am learning algebra for the first time in my life!!

I hated math all these years - but now I've decided whenever my knees start to hurt in Algebra or when I'm struggling with the homework and I just want to scream I start writing I ((HEART)) MATH over and over in my notebook!! It's workin for me -- so far!

Wishing you luck in your new endeavors- sounds like you're onto something!
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Hey all, I hope this helps....but with math, i kept telling myself...just follow the rules, just follow the rules. SO i kept the formulas and all the examples at hand and luckily had an open-book instructor, and got through it! It didn't matter much that I didn't really understand it a whole lot....I just followed the rules.....It took me a long time and I was the last one finished on all the tests, but I passed!

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Congradulatons! Sounds awesome.
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I think this is GREAT news ! I love how our HP can shut all sorts of doors and corral us in a direction. To me it's obvious that this is the next right thing for you. Maybe you can hire a cute sexy math tutor. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Seriously, congrats, Sis. I am excited for you.

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That's FANTASTIC news, BigSis!!!
I took computers and logic to stay away from Math, though, LOL!
Glad you're going for it. It will be a breeze for you, trust me. Just don't let fear get in the way. Remember, if those 18 year olds can do it, you can too!

Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

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Good for you. Keeps those brain cells young and vibrant. My husband got layed off last August from his job. The state is paying for him to go to truck driving school. He thought about going back to college but we need the money soon as unemployment runs out in about 2 months. He is almost 56. He took an aptitude test and when he came home he asked me if a negative and a negative number equaled a positive number. I told him not when you are adding them. It is funny how much we forgot Hugs, Marle
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Good for you! I went back a year ago in Febuary to finish a degree I started 15 years ago. You will love it!
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I'm a big believer that we are led to where we are supposed to go and I don't have a single complaint in my life.

I think this is a wonderful opportunity for you, a chance to collect funding while you prepare to change directions, and most definitely one of those "gifts" that come along when we're not even looking.

You'll do well, I just know it, and don't worry about the math...math is logical, just like us

I love algebra, it's like a big puzzle that you get to figure out and solve...we codie detectives are really good at algebra.

Just grab life and hang on, it's taking you to some wonderful places.

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That is fantastic! Actually, what you are going into is a VERY smart move. I actually almost got a job with a company that computerizes operating rooms in hospitals and is moving into other areas of the hospital. Unfortunately, the company was bought about by another company.

In fact, if/when I get my nursing license, I am going to get certified in "nursing informatics", because everything is getting computerize.

You'll do fine in school. If I could get paid to go to school, I'd be a professional student.

Hugs and prayers!

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OH...I think this will send you right through the right door.
I went back to school in my early thirties, then on to a grad program in my late thirties. It was difficult, but SO motivating. I found it trickling over to all areas of my life too.
I think this is JUST what the doc ordered. I'm so happy for you.
And the med/IT was a good choice. It will put you in the health sector, which is about the only area always thriving.
Don't worry about that silly old math, you'll do fine if you walk in KNOWING you can do it. I think the reason most of us (me too) fear math is that we're so intimidated by it from the beginning. After all, only the REAL SMART kids did well in math in grade school.

The book store should sell short cuts on the basic rules of helps. I don't think they'll sell Depends're on your own there

YOU go girl!
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I think it is great that you are going back to school!
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Wonderful news. A new and exciting career, but I think the best news is: you are doing something just for you!

You will do "fabulous darrhhling".

Hugs and good luck.
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Woo Hoo I know a scholar!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Big Sis,
You are such a smart cookie, you're going to be fine!

I'm SOOO happy for you!
Isn't it a miracle how things work out the way they do?

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Big Sis

You'll love it. Don't worry about thinking it's an odd mix, you are going to do far better with things that really interest you.

When I went back to school I found it increased my self confidence dramatically and many other students felt the same way. I'm back to work now (had 6 years at home with my small people) Though my quals are not at all relevant to what I do it gave me the confidence to apply for far better jobs than I had thought I would get.


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