This world dosen't owe us S**T

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Angry This world dosen't owe us S**T

I believe my husband feels like he's entitled to something or like the world owes him something. I am soooo... sick of taking care of him and providing shelter, food, and whatever else.

He was supposed to go to the plasma place this morning to get $40 to tide us over the week-end and this morning " he didn't feel good ". Hell he feels ok when it's time to get high what is wrong with you now. I work full time and a small part time job and it just burns my ass to come home or call home and he's sleeping in the middle of the day. And i let him know exactly how I feel about him not working and helping support us.

Yea I used with him for a few months but I've learned that's not the kind of life I want for myself so I'm taking the steps to get clean and stay out of that environment. Taking it one day at a time so far.
He has worked on and off for years and I'm just f*****g sick of supporting a grown ass able bodied man who actually feels it's ok for someone to pay his way.

He is good at saying what he's gonna do but never follows through and I am just now saying OUTLOUD what a F*****g drug addicted loser I am married to. My husband didn't understand why he and son could not go rent a game at blockbuster this week-end. Cause you don't work ******* that's why!!!!skillet

It is just amazing that someone can be sooo... full of ****.

Anyway I'm just venting and a good bit of news: I'm going to my first NA meeting tonight. I am actually looking forward to it. I know I'm probably going to have to kick him to the curb but it still hurts cause I've been with him for 17 yrs. now and I have already told our 13 yr. old that the way daddy is isn't the norm. I told him most men work and take care of their family so just know when you have a family it's not ok to not work and just lay around on the couch
What a good role model of a father he has. I know I picked him but that is water under the bridge now. Thanks and all encouragement or advice is welcome.

Please everyone keep me and my sobriety on your prayer lists! I am really excited, as weird as it sounds, about taking inventory of myself. Any suggestions on this is also very welcome.

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I was once married to someone very similar, however, he was not a drug user just lazy and thought the world owes him. After we divorced he married again and wife #3 gave him the boot as well. It is a hard choice, one only you can make. I am really happy that you are taking care of yourself and getting to a meeting. Your child needs you and that is the most important thing. I will pray fo you to make the right choices for you., I know I made the right one for me as hard as it probably was on my children. I wouldnt have the life I have now if I had stayed with him.

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Have a great time at your NA meeting, and do what you need to do to take care of you!
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We each have our own "enough" point, and it sounds like you've reached yours.

I think you will love going to your new meetings, they will help you learn about yourself and how to keep your balance no matter what life hands you.

Whether you stay or leave this man, just know that we're all walking with you. Your sobriety is worth everything, please take care of yourself because you are sooooo worth it.

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