hidden messages in recovery

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Sorry I'm late. I was busy trying to get OUT of Florida after a trade show.... sharing space at the airport with about 1000 other people trying to get on the same flight.

Moose, I agree that it's about growth, and about being able to see the reality of situations without denial or rose colored glasses. You are really good at that stuff, too!

I also think it means you should have invited US.

Love ya
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Moose, I just want to add something too. I've met you in person and you DO have a gift( actually you have many). You have the gift of clarity. you can see things as they are, clearly, without complications. Where I may stumble around what is happening and try to figure out why and what part in all this is just see it as it is...and that, my friend, is a wonderful gift.

I too think that perhaps these people were sent to receive a message from you, that life can be fun, life can be good, without using a substance to try to enhance it.

God puts us each on each other's path for a reason, and it was no coincidence that all these people had substance abuse issues. Nope, no coincidence at all.

Hugs and Lotsa Love
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