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I sat in on a meeting last night and what I heard nearly made me fall off my chair. There was a women there with an AS 26 years old. The son is still in active use, however she just found out that her son had been selling mariguana ( sorry wrong spelling ) for her ex-husband. He is picking it up and delivering it for the father. What kind of a father would allow his son to be involved in that. Yes I know the son should know better and is just as much a fool, however the father knows the son is an addict and claims the sons owes him the favours for all the times he was ripped off. Now wonder it is her ex-husband. Her question to group was how should she handle the matter. Most said stayout of it there both old enough to know better. We live in a smaller town and I know confidentiality is part of group. This idiot father works for my brother-in-law. I did think he was a nice person, I knew he smoked a little pot, but never did I think anymore.
I know its none of my business but it makes me angry, that a parent would put his own son in jeopardy mostly a son that really isnt thinking clearly. So basically he is using his son, pays him a bit and the son probably buys heavy drugs with the money.
I have no respect for this man at all anymore. The mother down played it and said " Oh its just pot" at least its not heavy drugs" Is she missing the point???
Then she said " pot was used for medical purposes and her point is?
Am I crazy or are they nuts?
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The mother sounds like she is somewhat in denial about the whole matter. Maybe that is her way of "staying sane".
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Parents are always parents, to subject your child (or encourage them) to do something, at any age, that is detrimental to their well-being is horrid! I agree, I would have no respect for the man any more either.
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My dad and brother went into the pot selling business together when my brother was in his late teens and early twenties. I was not living at home and did not find out about it until later. I really don't think that I would have thought anything about it since I grew up in the pot generation. Now that addiction has touched my life in such a huge way, I think that I feel differently about what they did. Hugs, Marle
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