Congratulations !!!

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Congratulations !!!

To AD who has nine months clean today

When and if she gets to a year I will then refer to her as an RAD. But I'm very proud of her.
She will be home from college tomorrow for spring break. Now her abf is still here, and still working and still clean.
But todays reading is aimed at me! There are times I'm less than happy about their relationship and I have the hardest time keeping my big mouth shut! But it ain't mine and I refuse to get drawn into it. So I figure a roll of duct tape a day should do it, ya think????
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congrats to both of them,
And courage to you as she comes home and you get to see them both up close!
Yes heavy duty Duct tape is in order!:codiepolice
so happy they are both working on it and doing well!
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i am also proud of your daughter. everyday clean is a miracle. try to remember if your daughter wants to be clean she will be. one day at a time. hugs & prayers,
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That is fantastic!!!

Congrats to them, but to you as well!! Learning how to keep my mouth shut and let someone else learn their own lessons has been the hardest thing for me to do.

Hugs and prayers!

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How wonderful! I am so happy for you both.
more blessings to come,
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Congrats to your AD!! That's quite an accomplishment. I pray that she will keep on keeping on.

And shall I pray for mama to keep her mouth shut????

Oh, oh, wait...please don't be offended. I meant THIS mama, blue, cause honey child, I'm right there with you. Have a RAD who is engaged to a guy in recovery also. Now, do you want to hear MY opinion on this? Nah, didn't think so. And neither does my daughter!

Trust me, I FEEL YOUR PAIN re keeping the mouth shut...

Again, tell her I'm very proud of her.

Hangin' In
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Wonderful news!! This nine mos. is prob. as signigicant as the nine mos. you were pregnant with her.
Wishing you the recovery strength to stay in your own "stuff" and enjoy her company while she's home on break. She's sober, she's in college; sounds like a lot to be in gratitude for. Remember to focus on the positive and you won't need all that duct tape.
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I agree about focusing on the positive. There is nothing better than having a clean child. I pray everyday that my daughter will someday want recovery. Congratulations to your daughter, her boyfriend and to you too, Blue. I know it has taken a lot of duct tape to get this far Hugs, Marle
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Congratulations to you and your daughter.

Don't you think that duct tape should be available in spring colors too.

Big hugs to all,

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Adding my congrats to your AD and to YOU!!!
It's very hard being the mom of a recovering addict.
We should all buy stock in the duct tape industry! lol
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What wonderful news that is. It gives us all hope that one day all of our children will be in recovery.

As far as the boyfriend goes, as long as he is staying clean too this is a good thing. They can support each other.

I actually knew a couple that were both recovering addicts that got married and had a child. Today they are still in recovery and enjoying their lives together.

Goes to show you it can be done.

Yep, the duct tape works wonders.

Hugs, Devastated
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Blue, High five! I am so glad to hear it. I have been thinking of you & your daughter, even though I havn't been on here much lately. Sounds like your both working very hard. Congratulations.
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Congratualtions to all of you!!! Awesome recovery all around.

I've got a daughter in recovery in a relationship with another in recovery too. I really like him and each time those projecting thoughts start, I smack myself upside the head and say the serenity prayer. I see them as living miracles and so is the love they share.

But if ya need it...

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Just finally stopping in to say thanks to everyone, and to say that duct tape does come in colors now. Maybe not spring colors but I've seen red and green and blue in the $ store.
I really do need some duct tape of any color though, some things that he says I really am not that happy with, but if ad doesn't take offense, then hey, it's her life and she can do as she wants.
But if either one says anything to me that I'm not thrilled with I'm very quick to set them straight. My house, my rules.....
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BP - someone today is reading your post and taking from it some desperately needed hope. Thank you for posting.

Wishing your daughter all the best. ((hugs))
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