Just wanted to say...

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Just wanted to say...

Thanks to all of you for just being here.

I have had a really cruddy week, don't really know why, nothing to do with ad, she's doing good and has resolved her issues from last week.
I can feel myself isolating, hence this post. it might seem stupid, but oh well, maybe it will keep me from getting more depressed.

Hope you all have a good weekend with drama kept to a minimum.
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Rest peacefully Sonny Boy
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Great Big Hugs Blue Pansy. I used to be the queen of isolation, it's a very lonely place to be and it just feeds the depression. Can you do something nice for yourself this weekend? Even something as simple as a nice bubble bath with oil and candles. Don't make me call Ann with the codie bus, word has it she packs steel toed bunny slippers!

Run Drama Run!

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(( bluepansy ))

One of the things I love the most is that I can come here 24/7 and know that someone cares. I can touch base with my recovery friends, I can get an update, or I can reach out and know that someone, somewhere will respond soon.

Glad to hear that your daughter is doing well. SO are you ~ you're reaching out instead of totally isolating.

BIG hugs
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Praying for you here in Kentucky!

God Bless,
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