update (sister still in treatment)

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update (sister still in treatment)

Hi everyone,

My sister has written from her treatment center and is really liking her counselor and groups. She's been there 2 weeks tomorrow and we get to visit her on Saturday. Saturday will be my niece's 4th birthday, so I'm happy she'll get to see her mom. My niece's behavior has been aggressive and a little defiant. I'm hoping this is just because of the situation, but we'll see. My parents are doing the best they can, but everything is definitely putting a strain on their relationship. I listen to my mom and try to be there for her, but she's really having a hard time. I was hoping things would improve with my sister getting help. My parents issues are probably deeper than I care to know. I can't do anything about that either.

As for myself, I'm still going to my meetings and doing the best I can at work with middle schoolers and spring fever!
Emotionally, I'm all over the place and it varies from day to day.
I'm trying to accept I'm not quite where I'd like to be with respect to many parts of my life, but I'm where I'm supposed to be for now.
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I'm glad your sister is still in treatment and that your neice will be able to see mom for her birthday. It must be hard for her; under the best of circumstances little ones miss their moms if they have to be away.
I'm sorry your parents are struggling and hope that your example by attending meetings and trying to focus on you will help them to see that if they reach out to others who understand, they can find a way out of darkness too. Hugs and prayers.
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I'm so glad you're sister's still in rehab and actually likes it!

I'm sure your niece is acting out the only way she can at 4 years old. My dad and stepmom have had my niece since she was a baby...her mom (my stepsister) died when niece was a year old. Even though Brit didn't remember her mom, there was a lot of chaos from her biological father and his family and she absorbed it all. She was only 6 when the counselor from school called and said Brit was crying and when asked why, said "I had a mama and I don't know her!"

At least your niece has YOU to be a stable adult in her life, even though you're not there 24/7. By taking care of you, you are showing her a lot.

As far as your parents, I've decided that my dad and stepmom have way too many issues, and have given that responsibility back to them. I love them, worry about them, have a codie relapse every now and then, but mostly I let them deal with their own stuff.

Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be okay. I'm slowly learning that the more I take care of me and my stuff, the easier it is to not be dragged down into family drama.

Hugs and prayers!

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