Help, Am worried, dangerous combos

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Help, Am worried, dangerous combos

My hubby who is hooked on painkillers and out of them til his next refill, has been taking a mix of other drugs to sleep. I think they are dangerous to be taking within an 6 hr period. MAybe someone knows if I am over-reacting ...For example at night he takes Trazadone and Ativan, plus nighttime cold medicine or a beer....then we wakes up about 5 or 6 hrs later and takes Sonata and Lunesta or Lunesta and Rozaram plus a few more ativan. Sometimes adds more nighttime cold meds. Wow, if I took any one of them, I ' d be zonked for a month, but he still functions and goes to work every morning. After watching what happened to Heath Ledger I think I am correct to be concerned. Anyone?
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I think you are right to be concerned. My Husband is addicted to Pain Killers and what happend to Heath Ledger lays in the back of my mind every day.

I have heard that Lunesta can be addictive. I'm no Doctor so I'm not sure about what to tell you about the combos he is taking. Maybe you can call a pharmacist and ask them about the combination or maybe call the drug companies and ask them.

One thing for sure is this, no matter what you do you can't stop them from taking whatever it is they are taking. They have to reach that point on their own.

Maybe someone else on here will no more then I do.
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I'd be concerned too. I'd be really scared. But what do you think you can do about it? You can't make him stop. He's just doing what addicts do. He may get up and go to work this time, (I don't know how the heck he's doing that) but it's his heart that could give out. It's the one time he doesn't get up and go to work that you have to worry about.

You can really only control yourself. You can draw boundaries about the kind of behavior you will accept in your life, in your house and around your kids. (Do you have kids? What are you telling them?)

You could call a pharmacist... at least so you know what could happen. But you probably already know what could happen. I'm so sorry!
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I know

I know the boundaries and have not given in to any demands that are irrational. I have been thru Al Anon and thank God kids are grown and out. I think I will call his drs or speak to the pharmacist. Yes I have no idea how he gets up in the a.m. Do these all affect the heart? I keep telling him he better up his life ins. if he wants to continue on this way!!!
Sad but true. And he is in capital DENIAL!!!!
Painkillers 12 years, alcohol when he runs out, and all the above mentioned drugs before , during and after the Percocets. UGH! Everyone I've spoken to says its enough to kill a horse. Unreal! Well you all know, but I guess I'm walking in diff. shoes, thank God!
It ain't easy.:praying
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