Lost my mom today

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I'm so very sorry for your loss...
And for the difficulties you had to go through too.

Hold onto what's good. Let G*D take the rest and be at peace.
Your mom finally is. And that's a good thing.
Be good to yourself right now...
And know that we are here. :ghug3

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Sorry. No words other than the ones already said.
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Trying to get out of God's way
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I'm also sorry for your loss, losing your mom is hard (been there), sorry your family gave you problems :-(

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Dear ((((Pam)))
I am saddened to hear about the death of your mom
I know how difficult this must be for you with the circumstances of your family.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.
May God bless you during this time and always, Patsy
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Big sincere hugs honey

Positive energy coming your way and lots of hugs too~~~~~Bonnie
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I'm so sorry. You're in my prayers. Take care of yourself during this difficult time.
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Hugs to you sweetie, sorry about your mom and all the drama that you're going through.
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I am so sorry for you loss. You and your family with be in my thoughts and prayers.
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I'm so sorry for your loss!! We are here for you!!
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I am so sorry for your loss you will be in my prayers
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Just wanted you to know that I'm keeping you in my prayers.
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My thoughts and prayer for you, sweetie. I agree, she is in a most wonderful place now and that can give you comfort. Good job fighting for yourself also. You sound like a strong woman. Sleep tight and sweet dreams from another momma.
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(((((Pam))))) I'm so sorry...for your loss, for the way you were treated by your biological family and for your sadness. I'm glad that coming here and posting brings you comfort. Please know that you are loved and that we care. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Praying for your mom as well that she is at peace. Hugs
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Sorry I'm late on this, but am sending you lots of hugs and prayers. My mom has been gone for 16 years and I STILL talk to her, and feel like she hears me.

Hugs and prayers!

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Thank you all for your support, it means so much to me. Today I am still down, and have to take the trip to see my grandmom. It is hard since she is not the nicest person around, but she lost her daughter and I feel I have to go and see her, no one else in the family will.
Last night I had to call my Uncle, he lives in AZ and tell him that my mom, his sister died. I chickened out and told his wife and asked her to tell him. He was not close to her for awhile now but it is still his sister. He is more of a dad to me than my own father was and is, I did not want to hurt him in anyway.
It was nice last night to get calls from family I have not spoken to in awhile and for them to offer me their love and they all said if I need anything to call them. They all said the same thing that my family is crazy and they think that they will get theirs in the future. I have to agree that my family will have to answer to a higher power when the time comes.
Sorry for such a long post but I just needed to let you all know I love you and to say THANK YOU again.
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(((Pam))) You're in my thoughts and prayers today. So are those dysfunctional family members because anyone who lives outwardly so miserably, must be very miserable inside. Be grateful you are in a better place today, where light shines and friends surround you with love.

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I'm sorry Pam
Prayers for strength and healing during this difficult time
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remember to breathe
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<<<<<<<<HUGS AND PRAYERS>>>>>>>>>>

you're loved here!
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big hug toyou,,
im sorry for ur loss...
stay strong
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Sorry for you loss, Pam.

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