tough love sucks

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Lies! WOW!

Can I vote you incredible woman of the year!?

You will be in my thoughts, both with empathy and with pride!

I have never seen things handled better!
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Originally Posted by hello-kitty View Post
Thanks for sharing. Reading your story made me feel better and stronger about the tough choices that I am having to make as well. I feel the same pain. It's good to know I'm not alone.

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well I'm still trying to be strong.........however around 430 today I get a call from the director of the treatment center asking me if I have seen or heard from seems they gave him keys to a van and his "responsibility" was driving himself and other addicts to and from their "job" hes been there 2 weeks ..........and they trusted him, gosh hes so good!

and AH drives them all there, and slips out takes the truck and leaves...........

Then I get a second call about 1/2 hour later telling me they reached him on the radio, and told him they were calling the cops, he returned the truck to the parking lot and ran off on foot............

the work place is about 1 mile from our house.................he hasnt shown up here yet, I'm praying he makes it out of this alive..............I'm mad and annoyed that he is so selfcentered and so very deep in his disease
but I'm not crumbling I know these are his choices and I'm working on remembering that it may be what he neeeds to do right now so he can find his way to real recovery

Its been storming horribily here, I hate that.
And he had no money and nothing to sell he'll either be stealing or worse
clearly he left to find drugs..........
Keep praying for us we need it!!!

Thanks everyone
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Sending you hugs and prayers. I'm sorry that he obviously hasn't found his bottom yet, but hoping he does soon.

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My thoughts are with you...(sigh).
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